Being on a Tight Budget Sucks!

I Hate Being On a Tight Budget!

These days people are finding that it is really a struggle just to make ends meet. And if you want the extra things in life then you really need to budget your money. Well I don’t know about you but budgeting really sucks!

Times are really tough out in the world today and people are having a hard time just making ends meet.  For example I work in the retail industry where people can trade dvd’s, games, and cd’s for store credit or cash. And you wouldn’t believe the stories I hear!


I have people tell me that they are hoping to trade some movies in order to get some gas money in order to make it to work. Or they need to buy diapers for their baby. They tell me that they are unemployed and just need to try to make ends meet. Times are hard.

I know how they feel. It seems like most of my married life we were constantly struggling just to make ends meet. I remember buying lunch me for school lunches and wishing I could afford the good lunch me, but I stuck with bologna because it was cheaper. When money is tight, you buy what you can afford, not what you want.

Times are Tough – Really Tough!

And there are many people who are in the same boat. Lets face it times are tough. What is really scary though is that many people don’t have much money saved up and many others have little or no retirement to look forward to.

That is my situation. I know that my retirement will not be enough to keep me going and we all know how small social security is. And of course, that is if Social Security is even around when I retire.

And there are things you can do to make things easier financially like get a part time job or a side job.  Or better yet, finding a better job that pays more. We all know that the job market stinks right now.

Being on a Tight Budget is No Fun At All!

I know for me I got sick an tired of cutting coupons, only shopping for items on sale or items I could buy in bulk. I knew there had to be a better way to bring in some extra income.

10 years ago was when I first decided to see if I could make extra money online. And I found a multi-level marketing company that I joined up with. And I actually did pretty well. But I quickly realized that a small percentage of people were making money. And the ones who were making real money were also investing thousands of dollars in the beginning.

Well I didn’t have money to invest and I wasn’t comfortable offering my opportunity to people who were just as broke as me. But I learned something amazing from this experience. I learned how to write online and how to use social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Then one day I got a check in the mail. I was a small check. I think it was for like $15.

What happened was several months before I purchased a product to help me with my MLM business. And that company said that if I referred somebody I could get commission  So I went ahead and added the link to my profile someplace and I guess someone purchased the same program that I did. So this is how I discovered affiliate marketing.

The light bulb went off for me. I realized if I ID-10060210could make money online, I could do it again and again.

So I went online looking for “free” training. I was optimistic with learning how to do affiliate marketing and hoped someone would be kind enough to teach me. This is how I ended up at Wealthy Affiliate.

I started doing the free training that WA offered and since I was too scared to create my own sites I started doing keyword research and wrote at free sites like Hubpages and Squidoo. Since then I started bringing in a nice little part time income and it keeps growing.

Am I rich? No way. And I still work a day job. But I have a nice new car that I purchased in September that my affiliate marketing income pays for. And I no longer have to watch price tags when doing grocery shopping. If I want roast beef at $12 a pound I buy it.

I may never quit my day job since I am lucky enough to absolutely love what I do. My goal is really simple. My hopes is that when I retire at 65 I will have no worries because I will have nice residual income of $4000 or more.

When I’m old I want to enjoy life and not have to worry about money. That should be the last of my worries.

What about you? Are you sick and tired of being on a tight budget? Do you have any plans  to make your future better? Or maybe you have found success and have advise that will help someone else. I would love it if you leave a comment below.


P. S. And by the way, if you are struggling and you want to figure out how to do affiliate marketing and you are a bit scared let me know. I would love to help point you in the right direction.


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    The Internet is the home for bootstrappers. Gone are the days someone needs $100,000 to open up a business, you can now get into the online marketplace with $0. I think that you have put things into perspective for many folks.

    The Internet is an exciting place now, the technology hurdles have been removed, and the start up costs to run a fully scalable business are next to nothing. I do recommend that folks take the time to join us at Wealthy Affiliate, the definitely won’t look back!

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      Thanks for the comment, Kyle. And yes I agree that people who join WA will never look back. The tools and skills they learn to make money online is like nothing else out there.

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    Wendy, I had to LOL when ready about cutting coupons. I never could do that because they never had coupons for the items I needed at the time. So I gave up pretty quickly with that.

    It’s exciting to hear that you were able to purchase a car with your affiliate marketing money. I’m in the process of looking for a new car but will not get one till I’m making a steady income on a monthly basis to cover it.

    Great to hear that you are doing so well and I’m super excited to know I’m at the right place with Wealthy Affiliate to accomplish my goal of that new car.


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      Yes we are at the right place with Wealthy Affiliate. The thing that is exciting about bringing in a consistent income is that I know to grow it all I need to do is keep doing what I’m doing. It’s just a matter of taking action every day. Thank you so much for your comment, Audrey.

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