5 Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips & Tricks

Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips Tricks

Recently I have been getting really great results with Amazon Mechanical Turk. For those who don’t know what Amazon Turk is, it is simply a site where people, called workers can make extra money by doing jobs requested by an Amazon Turk Requester. You can read more about Amazon Mechanical Turk here.

1. Be Efficient:  One of the minor annoyances that I have with being a worker at Mturk is that often I will choose a hit only to find that there are no more available. But I found an amazing solution. And that is by using the new worker website. You can try out the new worker website by simply clicking on the link at the top of your dashboard.

I love the new Amazon Mechanical Turk website because I can sort my hits any way I want. I prefer to set mine by “created”. This way I can click and work on hits that have just been created most recently. It is way less likely that they will already be snatched up by someone else. I find this strategy helps me to quickly run through many hits, which means extra cash for me.

2. Be focused: When I work on Amazon Turk, I treat it as a job. I make sure I am in a quiet room with limited distractions. I don’t even have the tv on. And mostly I do hits when I’m home alone. The reason for this is because I have found I can run through and do lots of hits in an hour. Usual, y I only do about an hour a day and I can usually earn a decent amount of extra spending money.

Another important reason to be focused is that many of the surveys had attention checks to make sure you are paying attention. Of course, they do. They are paying you to do a good job. So be sure to pay attention and do your best.

3. Do Surveys: Many people will disagree but this is my personal opinion. I prefer to work on Surveys rather than other tasks. I find that I get through them very quickly and I actually really enjoy them.

4.  Do hits that pay: I prefer to do the hits that pay 20 cents or more. By doing this strategy, I have found that I have been able to make a decent hourly wage. And since I’m only looking for an extra $5 to $10 dollars a day this strategy seems to work. However, sometimes I do smaller hits as they can just take a few moments to do. And the little hits can add up as well.

5. Establish yourself as a worker:  It is really important to be accurate when you work on hits. If you have a task rejected it will lower your worker rate. Having a low worker rate limits the hits that you get. You don’t want this to happen. I have found that the higher my worker rate is, the more high-paying hits I get. And this means I can make more money.

I hope you find these 5 Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips & Tricks helpful. I would love to hear any of your tips as I’m always looking for ways to help people make money online.



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    I am not familiar with Amazon Mechanical Turk at all. I have one question though. You say that you are looking for an extra $5 to $10 a day. Just how long does it take you to make that extra money? Seems to me, but like I said, I am not familiar with this at all, that the average hourly wage to make this extra income would end up being less than minimum wage? I know that you are working from home and that is an advantage. I just don’t want to work for less than minimum wage. Just my personal opinion.

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      That is a great question. You can make way more than minimum wage. But most people when they are just getting started make less. It takes time to build up to higher paying hits (jobs). MTurk is a great option for folks who just want something to do to pass the time or bring in a few extra bucks. Many people are willing to do it as it is really easy cash. 

      For those who have time to dedicate to building a business and earning more money, I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a way of earning through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money in the long run. But most of that money is “down the road” income. MTurk is great if you need money now. You can make an extra $100 a month or more.

      With that said, one of the biggest questions I get from folks who want to do affiliate marketing is: What do you do Also, if you don’t have any money to get started? For example, website hosting or other things. I mean, these days some people are really broke. MTurk is a good option for generating cash flow to pay for some expenses.

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    I’m not familiar with Amazon Mechanical Turk. But I went on there website to check it out and I am not sure how it all works, are how the reward system goes some of them was as low as 0 to 25 cents. I just don’t see how you would make any money, to be worth your time. I would like to make minimum wage at least.

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      I know, Connie. I thought the same thing too. And many of the tasks (hits) are for only a few cents, but mainly they just take a second or two. I really enjoy the surveys as they are fun. For me it is really just a hobby. I am not one to watch tv and sometimes I get bored in the evenings. MTurk keeps my brain busy and I can usually end up with an extra $5 to $10 bucks a day for just doing hits for an hour. It can add up. Last month I made around $155.00. It isn’t much but for me it is extra mailbox money. 

      Mailbox money is when you are bringing in money from many different methods. I like to have lots of different earning streams because it is fun getting paid. But also because I don’t like to simply rely on one stream of income. If you are interested, you can read more about mailbox money here

      Also, for someone who is doing affiliate marketing or growing an online business, that extra money can help give you cash flow. Having extra cash flow is huge when you need to pay for things like the Internet, your computer, hosting your website. It can also help to pay for membership fees that you might have online. You could use your MTurk earnings to pay for your Wealthy Affiliate Membership as you are learning the courses.

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    Hey Wendy!

    I came across this Amazon Mechanical Turk a couple of days ago and I’ve been thinking about joining it, since it looked like a good opportunity to get money from home.

    The thing is that, like you just said in this article, maybe it’s just for people who want to make some extra bucks and not a decent living on this itself, right?

    Anyway, it’s worth trying, I also like surveys and instead of getting bored watching crappy TV shows, you can actually make some money. Cool! 🙂

    Thanks for the review!

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      You are right Israel, MTurk (Amazon Mechanical Turk) isn’t a place for those who want to be able to quit a job or something. It is more for those who are just looking for some extra spending money or those who want to save for a rainy day. 

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    Wow! I am so glad that I came across this post. I have never heard of Amazon Turk before. It sounds awesome. I will definitely sign up and I’m so glad you provided us with some informative advice.

    I noticed that they have so many profiles they want you to set up. Is this really necessary?

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      If you are an Amazon affiliate or Amazon customer, you should be able to sign in with the password you use there. I’m not sure what you mean about profiles? 

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    G’day Wendy

    An interesting post, thank you very much.

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      You’re welcome, Les. Thanks for stopping by.

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    It’s the first time i heard about mtutk.I’ve seen other sites like that in the past.I’ve read about it and it seem legit.But im not really interest join it because the tasks rewards or waaayy to low.I havnt even seen one that is offerring more then 1 dollar so i will pass that.
    Thanks for the tips tho!

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      I totally understand. But thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.

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    Hi Wendy,
    I’ve never heard of MTurk so I found this article very informative. What a great way to earn some extra cash. At least with this you can start earning straight away so it’s great for people who need instant money.
    Also, I like the fact that you can build up to earning better commission as personally I work much better and harder when I think it is for better rewards.
    I think I would definitely recommend this to a few people I know who would probably appreciate it.


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    Hey Wendy, thanks the information. I have never heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk, but it sounds like a good way to make a few extra bucks. Rather than surfing for no reason, might as well make a couple of bucks doing what you would be doing anyway. Thank for the tips and tricks.

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    Your write-up ‘5 Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips & Tricks’ is really helpful. The strategies you have mentioned to be a successful MTurk are really great. Though I’ve no experience of Amazon MTurk, yet I can assure that these steps will definitely help newcomers a lot for their success as MTurk.
    Thank you for such great post.

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