Affiliate Marketing Can Be Lonely

Affiliate marketing can be lonely at times. Especially if you are a “people person”, like I am. I love to talk and interact with people throughout the day. I just need that human connection.

But I also love owning my own business. It really is amazing that I can make money from creating websites and recommending products. Affiliate marketing gives me the freedom to work when I want to work. I can make my own schedule. And I get to do what I love, which is writing.

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Affiliate marketing Can Be Lonely

There were times, when I first started marketing online, that I felt like the “lone ranger.” I wished that I had a buddy or mentor that I could partner with. You know, just someone that I could share my online interests with. Let’s face it, often spouses or other family members don’t get it. They don’t understand why we love pounding away on our keyboards day in and day out.

With a work from home business, it really feels like you are going at it alone. It isn’t like a job where you have co-workers or a boss you can network with. Without other net workers working with you, it makes you wonder if you are headed in the right direction or not.

I was lucky to have found a community of other affiliate marketers who were willing to help me without a hidden agenda. This community was Wealthy Affiliate.

In the past I found guru’s and other marketers who were willing to help me, if I would promote their program or give them my hard earned cash.

I didn’t find that with Wealthy Affiliate. What I discovered at Wealthy Affiliate was a community of helpful and friendly people who wanted me to succeed.

Benefits of a community support system:

  • If I get stuck on the training, all I need to do is ask for help and I normally have someone respond to me within a few minutes. There is almost always someone available 24/7.
  • When I create a post, I can ask for feedback. People will help to proofread my post for spelling and grammar error. And they help me in a non-judgmental way.
  • I get to help others. At Wealthy Affiliate, it is a community of people helping each other out. So not only do I receive help, I also can help others out. It really feels good to know that I made a difference in someone’s business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a sort of college that helps educate people in learning the skills they need to succeed in affiliate marketing. It is free to join. But if you want you can pay a small monthly fee in order to get more benefits, like unlimited hosting, websites, training tools and much, much more. But, I promise you, there is never any pressure to pay a penny.

The main thing I want you to know is that affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be lonely. You can grow your business while keeping in touch and getting feedback and support from others.

What about you? Do you ever find affiliate marketing lonely?


Wendy Krick

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    I never really thought about how lonely this business could be for an extrovert. I am an extreme introvert (in real life situations) so affiliate marketing is the ideal business for me.
    Online is different though. I love having contact with so many different type’s of people so the community at Wealthy Affiliate really offers the best of both world’s.

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      Yes it does offer the best of both worlds. Thank you so much for the perspective of an introvert. 🙂

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    This is so true! That’s why I love Wealthy Affiliate! I would never be this far without this group! Worth it!

    1. // Reply

      Yep! It is the support of the group that helps to keep me focused.

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    Howdy there Wendy,

    As you I am also an affiliate marketer, well among other things, and I liked your view of it being a lonely business.
    I would agree to certain extent about the loneliness and wholeheartedly agree about your view on WA.
    You put a good spin on things and I enjoyed that coming out while I read this article.
    Great Job and I’ll be back

    1. // Reply

      Thanks Jason for your feedback. I appreciate it.

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    Hey Wendy,

    Yeah, there are those times that it feels like you have been sitting staring at the same screen for eons just trying to get that last paragraph in the blog to flow. But having the entire community backing you at WA should hopefully alleviate some of that burden 🙂

    I’ll pull most of my inspiration for my next article from talking with other like minded people within our industry. Sometimes someone will ask me a question, which I turn into an answer within a blog post. That’s one of the ways I try and incorporate the human element into it. Scouring keywords and hunting images can wear you down, so make sure you are constantly being inspired!

    You are a great writer Wendy, keep it up!

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      Thank you Brandon. And I also do the same thing with my blog. When people ask questions, it give me inspiration for a new blog post. 🙂

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    Working online isn’t as lonely as it is intimidating for me. As I become more mature as a career-minded person, I prefer to work alone – coming up with my own thoughts and designing my own routine – without having to be stuck in a unrewarding system.

    The intimidating part actually comes from maneuvering the techie areas of affiliate marketing. I don’t speak computer language and that’s my biggest hurdle. But thankfully, just like you, I am able to reach out to the Wealthy Affiliate community and ask for help.

    Great people, great resources and I don’t feel like I am alone at all!

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      I’m not techie either. Thank God WordPress doesn’t need codes anymore. I know. Wealthy Affiliate really makes me feel like I have lots of support and I’m never on my own.

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