Are Revenue Sharing Writing Sites a Waste of Time?

Are you wasting your time on revenue sharing writing sites?

I have to tell you, I am very grateful to have stumbled across Squidoo and Hubpages a few years ago. These are two of the most popular revenue sharing writing sites on the internet.

I wrote on both of these sites for years and made a few thousand dollars over the years from them. And I am grateful for the money and the knowledge that I got from these revenue sharing sites.

These sites helped me to become a better writer. And these sites helped me to realize that me (the average Jane) could make money online through content writing.

But here is the problem with revenue sharing writing sites…

Here are a few things that I learned the hard way…

These content writing sites are the ones in control. Not the writers. They control your content and can even remove it at any given time if they want to.

When it comes to getting paid, you are at the mercy of them. I know some people over at Bubblews who hasn’t gotten paid what they were owed. And I have seen this happen at many sites.

With revenue sharing sites, they are sharing earnings with you. So even if it is a 50/50 split, you are not earning what you could earn with your own site.

These websites could close down at any given time and then where would your be? All of that hard work would be gone.

And when these sites make Google unhappy, every writer at the site is hurt. I can assure you from my own personal experience that this is NOT fun. This happened to me twice.

Back in 2010 Hubpages lost Google ranking. Everyone on the site felt the pain. My pages dropped from the 1st page of Google to nowhere to be found. They called this a Google Slap. Well if it was a slap, I felt it! My income dropped by more than 70%. So I stopped writing at Hubpages and started writing more at Squidoo. And I got my earnings back up. But, Guess what?! The same thing happened in 2013.

When you write at revenue sharing writing sites, you are at their mercy. You have little control.

I was getting tired of spinning my wheels with these sites so I decided to put my knowledge to work and began putting my time and effort into building my own niche websites.

When you start your own blog, you control what you write. You own your content. You get to decide how you want to monetize your blog. And after the earnings start coming in you get to keep all the revenue. Every single penny is yours.

I let fear hold me back from creating my own blog. I knew from my mentors at Wealthy Affiliate that if I wanted to earn real money I needed my own sites. But I put it off because of the little bit of money I was making at these sites.

And It just seemed like it would be way to hard creating my own blog. But I figured if I could learn how to make money on these revenue sharing sites I could learn how to create my own money as well. And I did!

If you are writing at revenue sharing sites like Bubblews and Squidoo then you really should consider setting up your own website or blog. It is easier than you may think. You can still continue to earn at these other sites, but I bet you will be surprised at how quickly you begin to earn money with your blogs.

That is what happened with me. I still have a Hubpages and Squidoo profile set up and I still earn money there every month. But now most of the money I earn comes from my personal blogs. And not only is the money better since I get 100% of it. But I have no fear of not getting paid or someone shutting me down.


Wendy Krick



P. S. What are your thoughts onĀ content revenue sharing sites?

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    Waste of time totally? Hope not. But not as a main website, for sure.

    But revenue sharing is ‘digital sharecropping’ – renting space the owner can screw up any old time. Don’t put all eggs in one basket, especially when ya don’t own the basket.

    1. // Reply

      I agree with you. It’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. Thanks for your comment.

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    After what happened to me at Squidoo (80% decrease in earnings over recent months) I am not prepared to put that much effort into someone else’s site ever again. I considered other sites such as Hubpages, Wizzley, Zujava and even Bubbajuju but after some thought I decided I am not prepared to ever again put myself into such a vulnerable position. Since then I have built and am working on 18 websites. They may not do too much this year but next year should be doing well.

    1. // Reply

      It sounds like you learned the hard way as I did. Yes, focusing on your own blogs is the way to go these days. And I feel the same way you do. I would much rather be the one in control. Thank for your comment, Dee.

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