Being Short of Money Sucks

Being short of money isn’t fun at all and yes it sucks. It especially isn’t fun when you want to find a way to get free of your job by starting a home-based business with affiliate marketing. It’s frustrating because creating a business the right way takes both time and effort. It takes time to begin to make consistent money. It’s a fact that affiliate marketing isn’t about “get rich quick”.  But is it worth the effort? Absolutely! The important thing is if you stick with you, down the road the money can be phenomenal.

As I have mentioned many times the program that I believe in is Wealthy Affiliate. There is no better training anywhere on the internet for affiliate marketing. However, since it takes time to make money, some folks find it hard to pay for the monthly fee.  And even though it is a ridiculously small fee, for many people who are on a tight budget coming up with the money can be hard. I was there.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate over 8 years ago and I will be a member for life! I promise you it is amazing and if you follow the training you will get awesome results. The affiliate marketing training given at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing.

But when I started, I was going through a really tough time. My ex-husband was unemployed and I was working 60 hours a week just to try and make enough money to pay the bills. So I was working on my business in the wee small hours of the morning or late at night. My point is, we were dead broke. I had no money at all to do anything. And the few credit cards I had were maxed out and behind.

Can you relate?

Here is what I did to get extra money to pay for my monthly membership…

Cut Coupons

What I did to generate cash flow 8 years ago, was I cut coupons and I shopped around for deals. I had a specific budget for groceries. And I would try to save enough with coupons and sales that I could pocket an extra $10 a week. This gave me enough money to pay for my monthly fee easily. But mind you, I only needed to do this temporarily as I started generating mailbox money (money through affiliate marketing) within a couple of months.

It sounds like such a small thing to do but it worked. It gave me the extra money I needed to make my dreams a reality. Now I pay my membership yearly because It is a much cheaper way to go and I don’t even need to think about it. I have several websites and I generate residual income daily. It really is pretty amazing.

Do Hits as a MTurk worker

I think if I was starting from scratch and needed an idea of what to do, I would consider doing surveys with Amazon Mechanical Turk.

MTurk isn’t about getting rich or making enough money to quit your job. That isn’t what it is meant for. Although with effort a person could make a decent amount of extra cash flow. I usually do about an hour max and generate between $5 and $10 an hour. Which isn’t much but I really enjoy doing it. I find MTurk a really fun way to pass the time. My thoughts are that it adds up to an extra $200 a month of cash flow. But doing hits could give you the cash flow you need to help pay for the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

It doesn’t matter who you are when everyone starts you start with hits that have a smaller value. Meaning you may only be paid 20 cents to do a hit. But what happens as you complete hits accurately, you build up trust with the requesters. So it is important to do good work. The higher your hit rate is the better. I like to keep mine, no lower than 97%.  My point is, as you do hits, you will get more hits that pay more. Now, most of the hits I do pay anywhere from 50 cents to $10. So it can quickly add up.

Find and an Odd Job 

There are always ways to create extra cash for your home-based business. You could work overtime at your day job. You could babysit or housesit. Perhaps you could mow a few lawns or help out an elderly neighbor.

Sell your Stuff

Do you have any old clothes, toys or books that someone else may enjoy? Why not have a yard sale or go on eBay and sell your stuff. I once made over $400 by selling a bunch of stuff that was collecting dust in the closet!

The most important thing I want you to take with you today is knowing that your success online is totally in your own hands. Don’t let excuses keep you from growing and creating a better life for yourself. And certainly, don’t let a small thing like lack of funds hold you back. You can create your own success!


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    I agree that MTruck really works well. Puting your spare time say about 1 or 2 hours can fetch you some small bucks daily and the interested one can easily make 200$ in a month.
    Affiliate marketing is a real online income generating model. But without proper knowledge and strategy nobody can get success in Affiliate marketing. Joining in a good affiliate marketing course like WA is really helpful.

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      I totally agree with you. Knowledge is huge when it comes to affiliate marketing. Joining a good affiliate training like the training at WA is very helpful. 

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    Love your solutions to your money crunch. I’m definitely going to look at the Amazon Surveys. Surveys in general leave a lot to be desired, but Amazon is solid. I like your coupon cutting. One big overlooked way to have more money is to spend less and the coupons really help in this area. Thanks for the reminders. I’m glad you have done well with Affiliate Marketing. Well done.

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      Thanks Warren. You’ll have to let me know what you think of MTurk after you get a chance to check it out.

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    Hi, Wendy! Indeed it is quite difficult having to get through life when it seems as if you’re wallet is full of lint when, instead, it would be nice if there were some dollar bills tucked inside.

    Wealthy Affiliate as you stated is THE best training platform online that provides everything a motivated person would need to slowly create a financially profitable business.

    As you said the problem with many individuals is the lack of money to pay for the monthly membership fees at WA. One option besides all the ones that you mentioned in your article would be to choose to upgrade to the yearly membership fee as I did a few years ago. Yes, a bill of $329, ($299 during the late November Black Friday special) would appear once on a person’s credit card. But that would be for the entire year!

    However, if a person truly believes that he/she will benefit from all that is available at WA, he/she should understand that instead of paying $49/month or $588 for the entire year, a definite savings would take place if the individual realizes that going yearly would cost $27.40 odd cents per month, ($24.90 during the Black Friday special). Any form of math would tell you that $27.40 per month is much less of a figure compared to $49 per month – appearing during every cycle of your monthly credit card bills.

    Sometimes it also takes a bit of sacrifice in giving up things – trips to eat out regularly at fairly expensive restaurants or buying new shoes/sneakers 4 times per year. Instead, saving $$ for the cost of WA’s membership would be worthwhile down the road if the individual is determined to build a successful online business! Wouldn’t you agree?


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      Jeff, I totally agree with you about going yearly. And if someone has an available credit card, yes it is a great investment and saves lots of money in the long run. Plus it is a great tax deduction.

      But seriously, some folks truly are on such dire situations, they barely put food on the table and they can’t come up with rent, yet alone a fee for Wealthy Affiliate training. I know, because I was there. When I say money was tight, I mean I was dead broke. Yes, it was almost 10 years ago, but I’ll never forget what it felt like to have hopes and dreams yet not be able make such a simple payment. Those were the folks I was hoping to help. 

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    I know the situation too as I am in a similar situation now! lol. I have actually just started WA and flirting with the idea of getting the year deal BUT I want to make some money first to prove it works before I dive in. I am about to stop for a bit to do a tractor trailer licencing course to make extra cash but what I really want to do is this. However, I want to have the extra cash. So driving truck seems like more of something I could fall back on to do WA. I’ll bet there are a lot of people in the same spot you describe and are going to really appreciate the tip on how to survive while getting up and running on WA.

    Maybe you could post this article on the WA blog I found it to be helpful even though I am already at premium. lol

    Good stuff. I enjoyed reading it.

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      Thanks for stopping by, Gord. Driving a truck does sound like a good idea. It is always good to have something you can fall back on. I’m glad you found it helpful.

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    Hi Wendy, being short of money sucks big time! I remember when I got married many years ago, my wife and I had to control our budget very very tightly. And when we had to pay for unexpected expenses…those were difficult times. And no internet to make some side-income!

    That’s why I find your article very practical for someone who’s looking for extra cash. I’ve never heard of MTurk but thought it’s something someone can do to pay for the training course you passionately recommend. Super practical!


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      Thank you, Song I appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

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    I am totally in this situation and appreciate your tip about doing the MTurk worker thing. I agree the Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. I know that. But having the funds to allow the time to get things going that is the tricky part. If a person works really hard at this how long do you think it would take to get a decent income going?

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