Need More Blog Comments? Check out these Blog Commenting Tips and Tricks

One of the best ways to make your website strong and full of content is to get lots of comments on your blog posts. Getting more comments on your website is very important because it helps to add value. And the more content you have, the better you will rank with Google.

Comments Add Content

If you are not getting comments on your site then you will want to read on to learn some of the ways you can improve your site so people will be eager to leave you a comment.

But first, you need to take a hard look at your website traffic. You see if people are not reading your posts in the first place, you are not gonna get comments. So getting traffic should be your number 1 priority.

Dummies Guide to Getting Traffic 

If you are getting good traffic and no blog comments, don’t worry. You can get readers to start leaving you comments today by simply making a few changes to your posts.

  • blog commentMake it easy for people to comment. I have had times when I really wanted to leave a comment on a blogs post, but I couldn’t because wouldn’t take my Captcha code even though I typed it correctly. Or the site wanted me to pick some sort of avatar. Sometimes I’ve even seen where there isn’t even a place to leave a comment. Do yourself a favor and make sure it is really easy for people to leave you a comment.
  • Write conversationally as if you are talking to a friend. Be fun. Express yourself. Be interesting. In other words, don’t be boring. Don’t write like you are writing an essay. Instead, write as if you are just being yourself. When people enjoy what they are reading and feel a connection with you, they are more likely to leave you a comment because they will want to join in the conversation with you.
  • Make sure your site is visually appealing and easy to read. I know for me, If I hate the design (the theme is too dark or busy)or it hurts my eyes (text isn’t broken up and grammar is horrible) to read a blog, I will not read the post. Not sure? If you are not sure if you site is appealing to the potential commenter, then ask for site feedback. This is where you will get honest feedback on your blog.
  • Ask questions about a topic that will strike up a lot of passion. Or ask for success stories. People love to talk about themselves and experiences.
  • Ask Lots of questions. Ask your readers what topics within the niche are important to them or ask them to give let you know what some of the challenges are for them. This will get you more comments, but it will also give you some ideas for new future blog posts.
  • Always link to at least one other blog post within your article. This way, if this post doesn’t interest them or motivate them to comment, they may be inspired to comment on another post.
  • Put the social share buttons as close as possible to your comment section so people will hopefully share your post as well as share it. Or perhaps they will at least share it or “like” it on Facebook.
  • Leave quality comments on other relevant blogs. Often the author of that blog with reciprocate. But also if you write an insightful and interesting comment, people may click on your website to learn more about you.

If you just do a few of the above suggestions, you will start to see comments on your blog. But if you want to hurry the process a bit by trying any of these ideas.

  • Join a blog commenting group on Facebook or get a comment buddy where you each help each other out by leaving comments on each others blogs.
  • Join Wealthy Affiliate and host your blog their. You will then be able to join in with the SiteRubix Site Comments section and get blog comments while helping to put comments on other people’s blog posts.
  • You could buy genuine quality comments through Fiverr.

I hope you found this information helpful. By the way, if you leave a comment below, I will be happy to visit your site and leave you a quality content with a minimum of 30 words. 🙂

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    Hi there,

    Very interesting read. I had no idea blog comment groups exist on facebook. Are there any particular facebook commenting groups that you recommend and personally use? I am pretty sure some groups are better than others and some give better quality comments.

    I certainly think the Wealthy affiliate comments engine is one that is hard to beat. I have tried searching for other similar sites that have a dedicated comments feature but yet to find one! The reason behind my search is to find different unique commenters than the regular commenters on WA, just to add variety.

    1. // Reply

      Hi Derek, There are several. One that I have used is called “Let’s blog together”. This one says that it is for liking pages and sharing, but I find that if I leave a comment or two, I will also get comments. But there are many facebook groups that share comments. I just did a search for blog comments and had pretty big list of groups come up.

  2. // Reply

    Hi Wendy!
    YES I need more comments, so this blog was exactly what I was looking for.
    You’re a great writer, captivating and interesting. I will definitely put your advice to good use!

    Strangest thing; on my sites, the G+ sociable icon is only on some of them, I wonder why.
    Thank you so much!

    1. // Reply

      I’m not sure. Is it a plugin or does it come automatically with your theme? I would remove the plugin and then re-install it or perhaps select a different social plugin.

  3. // Reply

    Alright! This is what I was looking for, more or less. I do get solid traffic for a 7 month site, but I’m honestly not seeing that many comments. Only 1-2 per week.

    So after reading this article, I will hopefully start getting some more. And another thing, the only post of mine that gets comments (mainly) is the one that’s ranked #1 on Google.

    Yeah, rankings really do matter.

    1. // Reply

      You are right Julius, rankings and traffic does matter.

  4. // Reply

    Blog commenting in action! I found your post from the comment you left on my blog. What a great way to meet other bloggers and trade cool tips.

    First off I want to thank you for the shout out.

    Secondly it shows that your blog commenting skills are taking off. You are attracting a good amount of people to your blog. This the the benefit of paying it forward.

    Now to answer your question about what bugs me about comments…

    Two things. When people don’t have a Gravatar of their smiling face and when they leave a simple one liner. They are missing the boat big time. the chance relationship could be a customer, business partner or JV…you never know!

    1. // Reply

      You are welcome Ashley and thank you for stopping by my website. I feel the same way about Gravatars. I think when someone has an image of themselves it helps other to feel more of a connection with them. I think the fear that people have in showing their face holds them back a bit. And I totally know what you mean about the quick and short responses. However, I do appreciate that they at least took the time. But you are so right. Blog commenting is such an opportunity to get to know someone else and they may end up being your best customer or better yet a good friend. Take Care!

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    This was a really helpful article. I’m struggling to get some good comments on my website. Question: How do you change the comment section so that its underneath every blog post on a page? Currently if someone clicks on my page they have to read through every post to get to the big comment box. It would be nice if that box was underneath every post. But anyway, thanks for this article! Some great ideas here.

    1. // Reply

      Hi Sam, Every theme is a bit different. But in most while you are in the edit mode of a post you can click up on the top where it says screen options. If you click there, you should be able to put a little check in the box that says comments. Save your post and it should now have a comment box at the bottom. Have a great day.

  6. // Reply

    Hi Wendy, thanks for an excellent post. Great advice! I really identified with your first point. I’ve been on quite a few blogger sites lately and had to jump through hoops to leave a comment. I’m not on facebook so I’m particularly frustrated when I go to really popular websites within in my niche and find the only way to leave comments is via facebook. Another frustration is when I leave a comment with a question and the blogger doesn’t bother to reply. Why would they miss an opportunity to engage with their readers?

    1. // Reply

      Hi Lauren, I know what you mean about the Facebook Comments. I pretty much only use Facebook for my friends and family. I really prefer to not market there. I agree about site owners not responding to questions. It doesn’t make much sense to me. You would think they would want to connect with their readers.

  7. // Reply

    Yes I fully agree! Problem is I’m not getting any traffic. I have written pages and pages of content – well over 50 already and not one single visitor. Is there anything you can recommend in a situation like this? Is there somewhere I can post some of my content to to get better exposure?

  8. // Reply

    Thanks for the read. I started blogging back in March of this year and have had a lot of trouble getting people to engage with my content. They’re reading it, or at least, they’re going to my site. There just isn’t much interaction.

    1. // Reply

      The thing about blogging that is difficult for people to get is the reality that it does take time to build a following. You are off to a great start in the fact that you are getting traffic! So you are doing something right and moving in the right direction. Hopefully some of the tips I shared above will give you some ideas to get folks interacting with you. Take care!

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