Why I Check My Website Ranking

One of the most important things about affiliate marketing is knowing how your article ranks with your chosen keyword. Actually it is the single most important thing, because if your site doesn’t rank with Google, it doesn’t get seen. And that means no traffic. So it is hugely important to check your site ranking often.

ID-100214078Why I check my website ranking? It comes down to money. Look, I’m an affiliate marketer and I make money through my writing. If my website posts and pages don’t get seen, than I don’t make money. So ranking with Google is huge!

We all want our sites to be found by potential readers because that is where the money is. That is the entire reason we do SEO and Keyword research in the first place. So one of the important parts of SEO is going back and seeing if our articles are ranking with the search engines. My goal is to be on one of the first 3 pages, preferably page one.

And the reason is obvious. If you are on the first page of Google, your article will be seen by more people than if it is on page 50. So the closer to page one, the better.

Before I show you how to check your site ranking, first I want you to understand that it is important to understand that your site is made up of many pages, posts and keywords. Therefore, each page and post on your site will rank differently. Some posts will rank well and others won’t.

This is why you always want to be adding new content often and each of your posts should target a low competition keyword.

There are many different ways to check keyword ranking. I’m going to show you two effective ways.

Two Easy Ways I check my website ranking with Google?

  1. On Google Chrome, I simply click the control link all the way on the right of your toolbar than on the drop-down, I click “new incognito window.”


Now type in the keyword that you’re trying to rank for in your article and click search. You will be able to scan down and hopefully find your page.

The reason I use incognito rather than the Google search is because Google remembers my search history and they sort of know me and what I like. So I will often see my site sooner than if someone else would who was doing a random search

2. My favorite way to check my keyword ranking is to simply use Jaxxy.

checking site rank

On the Jaxxy site, I click where it says site rank. Then I type in my website url and the keyword that I am targeting. Jaxxy does all the work for me and quickly lets me know how well my site is ranking for that keyword.

As you can see, I am ranking number one for the keyword “complete free affiliate marketing education“. This is good news and lets me know that I did something right.



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    This is great information. I am going to check my rankings more often.

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