Comments Add Content, But

I love comments!

I think for the most part, we all get it that comments add content to a blog post. And the more comments you have the better, right?

Well, actually, comments can hurt you.

You see, it is only quality comments relating back to your topic that help you. So it is really important to monitor and even possibly edit peoples comments.

If someone writes a post that says something like “I really lover your website, the color scheme is pretty and…”.

I delete it.

I hope this doesn’t seem harsh. I am sincerely sorry for the writer having wasted their valuable time.  And I do appreciate the feedback and will often email the writer privately as I don’t mean to hurt any feelings. But the integrity of my website is really important to me and I only want quality content for my readers. If a comment is not directly related to the topic in the post and it doesn’t add real value, then I must delete it.

Deleting a comment or editing used to be difficult for me, because I would feel bad about changing someones comment. I want their comments to be authentic and in their voice. But let’s face it, not everyone has the writing skills to get their point across and they can actually hurt the way my site ranks with the search engines.

As a website owner you have control over the content that you want on your blog. And you owe it to your readers to have quality content. Your blog comments are a reflection of the integrity of your site.

How To Handle Blog Comments.

Respond: I Respond to all comments that are related to the blog topic. It’s important to answer questions that are asked. Sometimes I find that questions bring up lots of other ideas related to a topic and can even generate more comments from other readers.  Don’t be afraid to elaborate in your comment back to the reader.

I never ignore or delete comments that disagree with me, as long as they are on topic and written respectfully. I simply politely disagree with them and explain why. Sometimes my readers bring up good points or see things from another point of view that I have overlooked. I love it. Because it helps to add more incite and value to the topic.

Edit: Sometimes I have people leave a comment that it related to the topic but then they also add something like….”as a side note, I noticed a typo in paragraph 2….”. I simply delete the part of the comment that isn’t related to the topic. I do the same thing when they add a link back to their website or another website.

And sometimes I get comments where the grammar and spelling isn’t the greatest. Or maybe English isn’t the first language of the author. I fix the comment so it reads better without changing the integrity of the comment itself.

Delete: I delete anything that doesn’t add value to my blog. And sadly this even means well meaning people complimenting my writing or my site. If it doesn’t help the article than I have no choice but to delete it.

I owe it to my readers to give them unique quality content and that includes the comments as well.

What about you? How do you deal with comments on your blog?

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    The article has left me confused. I think that the title is good and also has reason, the comments can hurt you. But I think that you must not be afraid to criticize them, provided that they are constructive. Criticisms help us to grow and continue working. I think also that the people do not believe the pages in which there is no criticism. Criticism is healthy and shows that really matter to your audience.

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      I’m sorry you felt confused. I guess what I wanted to get across is that it is important that comments are related to the topic of your post, otherwise it wont help your ranking with Google or the search engines. I don’t mind criticisms at all or someone disagreeing with me because I get to see another perspective and I may even learn something new. However, those criticisms should be related to the topic of the blog. If someone is critiquing my website layout or something like that,although I appreciate the feedback, it really doesn’t help my post as far as content goes. (I hope this makes sense.)

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    Hi there,
    I have a hard time deleting or editing comments but after reading this post I think it is worth it. I get a lot of comments that look like feed backs rather than comments. I usually approve them anyway; little did I know that it could affect my ranking with the search engines. Thanks for this information.

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    I’ve just started a new website, and definitely still learning the ropes (there is way more to learn than I thought) – I didn’t realise that comments unrelated to the article can hurt the SEO of the article. I generally keep all comments, unless it’s an obvious spam comment, but I will definitely look at the quality of the comment in future.

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      It really comes down to adding value. If a comment is totally not related and obvious spam, I would remove it. But on the other hand if someone is responding to the content than that is wonderful. It will help you in the long run.

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    Thanks for an informative post and for giving me new perspective on comments. I have been really struggling with this. Many comments I receive are far more in the nature of irrelevant feedback. rather than meaningful comments on content. I often cringe at the grammar. I’ve been feeling like I have to respond to everything. I will heed your advice and change that approach!

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      You are very welcome Linda. I’m glad you found it helpful.

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    Great post! I would look at negative comments as ways to provide feedback regarding the product your promoting. Companies pay affiliates to provide them negative feedback as well. The only time I would delete a comment is if the comment was bashing another person, or it was filled with bad words. If your running a blog that allows people to use “spicy” language then I would let the left field comments stay and just look over them.

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      I agree with you Todd about how negative comments are good because they offer great feedback. Plus it helps to give readers another perspective on the product.

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