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ID-10098708As a Mom and full time worker, I have a very busy life and only a few hours precious hours a day to work on my business. So for me, every moment counts.

When it comes to writing articles, I don’t have a lot of time. I need to get my post up quickly.

So I wanted to share with you my tip for fast article writing.

For me, in order to write quickly I have to avoid online distractions. And I found that when I am able to just focus on my writing, I can do it much quicker.

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a great idea that you know will help someone and you think to yourself, “This would make a great blog post.” But by the time you get around to writing the post, your “great idea” is gone?

It would happen to me all the time where I had really good intentions about getting an article posted. You know what I mean. Those days that you think to yourself, I’m going to update 3 of my blogs today with really good blog posts. And then you think… “But first…I’m going to …[reply to emails ]” You can fill the blank in with anything you want.

Here are some of my most used excuses….

  • check emails
  • visit Facebook
  • visit twitter
  • check my sales
  • check my statistics
  • do keyword research
  • spend time on WA
  • help others
  • answer comments
  • visit Pinterest

These tasks are all important, yet they are all excuses. For me, they are ways for me to avoid sitting down and just writing the damn post.

I know that there have been days that I have been online for 8 hours straight being (seemingly) productive. Yes, I did all the important things that affiliate marketers do on a daily basis. The important things.

Yet, somehow, the single most important thing that I must do daily seems to get pushed off.

Did you know that the content you write is the most important thing you do as an affiliate marketer? It is true. The reason is, every site view, click and sale would not exist if it wasn’t for the beautiful content that you write. It’s as simple as that.

So here is How I do Fast Article Writing. It’s what works for me and it may work for you.

I write first. And you may be wondering how can I just write without doing research or anything. I find for me if I don’t write it down first thing, I lose it. Or I just get so detracted that I never get back to it. So if I have a thought or idea that I want to write about, I open notebook on my computer right away and I just write as much as I can. I don’t worry about spelling or grammar. I just write.

And I certainly don’t open up my browser. I find it only takes a second for me to get detracted.  And distractions slow you down. You know that email that catches your eye. Or you notice you have a comment waiting. No. I don’t go there. Nothing is up except my notepad.

Then when I’m done writing down my thoughts and ideas, I will then go ahead and open my browser. Now is the time to do keyword research to see if there is a good keyword that I can use in my article. I also do some research on the topic and see if there are any key points that I might want to add.

Once done with my research, I will make some change to my article. I often add points and change things around a bit.

Once I’m happy with it, I create a new post on my blog and copy my content there. Then I do the final touches to make my post perfect. I add images, check my grammar, do “spell check”, add hyperlinks where needed and setup my headers. I do all those little things to make my post visually appealing. Once done, I  publish.

Generally I can have a high quality up and published within an hour or less with this fast article writing method.

Once I’m done with this important task I can go work on that list that we talked about earlier. Because yes, those items are important. But nothing is more important than adding content to my sites.

Wendy Krick

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