Finding Your Voice As A Writer

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Finding Your Voice As A Writer

When I first started blogging I got ready to do my first post about a topic and then immediately went to go check out other blogs within my niche. I wanted to see what they were writing about. How were they doing it. And what was their writing style. And I tried to copy some of the different ways of writing ¬†until I realized that it didn’t feel natural. And my posts felt boring to me. Have you ever felt that way?

One of the biggest problems that bloggers have is finding their voice as a writer. All of us want to have a great website. Who wouldn’t? But having a successful blog isn’t something that happens over night. It take time to build up content. But more importantly it takes time to build a strong readership and get heavy traffic.

A writer’s voice is what makes them unique and different from anyone else. We all have different styles. The thing that is great about writing in your own voice is you get to be yourself. Imagine that! You get to just write from your heart. And since you are the only you, there isn’t anyone to compare yourself to. As your site evolves, it will be just as unique as you.

So how do you find your voice? For me it was about becoming confident in myself and realizing that I did have a lot to offer. I am far from a GURU. (Which I now know is a good thing). But as an an average person I have figured out how to make money online. And I realized that I enjoy helping others.

And to my surprise I realized…. that when it comes to affiliate marketing I am an expert in many areas. The proof is in my results.

And I’m an expert in failing! Yes, failing is a good thing because it teaches you what doesn’t work. So, yes, I’m an expert!

So, yes, I have a lot to offer my readers. Maybe I can help them avoid the scams that I got sucked into. Or help them make money quicker than I did. I also realized I am a great teacher and enjoy helping others.

So I stopped comparing myself to the so called “experts”and I quickly realized that I am my own expert and I help others through my writing.

My style is unique as well. I also realized that I write sort of how I talk. I’m a fast talker and tend to ramble a bit, but I get my point across to the reader. The point is, when I write I get to be me. And I discovered that my readers love my openness. And better yet, this makes me unique and my blog unique.

When you write in your own voice, people realize you are a real person. You simply can’t fake being you.

Something else that was holding me back from writing in my own voice was I was trying to please my reader. I was worried about sharing my opinions. I somehow felt like I was holding back. I didn’t want to turn people away.

But what I quickly realized was that although many of my readers disagreed with me, they respected my openness. And I also got a lot of interaction going on with people leaving comments on my blog posts.

So if you are having a hard time finding your voice, just relax and be you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. And if you are writing about a topic that is passionate to you, share your feelings. People will feel that passion.

Be You …. And you will find your voice.


Wendy Krick

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    When I first started writing on my blogs I did it knowing that no one would be reading my posts for a while. It was weird writing as if someone was reading, but it gave me a chance to ‘find my voice’. I also had to contend with self doubt – that little voice that told me no one would EVER read my posts because I am too boring and have nothing to say that anyone would want to read.
    Fortunately I learned to block out that inner voice of doubt and now I write confidently. Your tips are right on the mark, Wendy.

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      Hi Dee, I wonder why we doubt ourselves like we do. I suppose it is just human nature. Yes, I remember that feeling as well. Writing to no one really. The more I wrote the easier it got and I quickly realized when I wrote in my own voice, I got better results on line. I think it is because of the way people connect with you.

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