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Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. And it is pretty simple how it works. As an affiliate marketer you are simply matching people with products. Or I like to look at it as giving them the answer to a question they are searching for on the internet.

Really as an affiliate marketer you are solving a problem.ID-10094993

The problem is the keyword. And the product they find is the solution.

So someone does a search for “How to file bankruptcy online without an attorney“. This is the keyword. Then they find a blog post by someone who was able to file their own bankruptcy after reading an e book  The blog owner happens to be an affiliate marketer of the e book and earns money when the customer buys the book.

So affiliate marketing is basically pretty simple.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing then you need to do 7 simple things.

  • Decide on a niche market. (Figure out what problem you want to helps solve).
  •  Find out what products within that niche you want to market. If it is a physical product then you might want to become an affiliate for or if it is a digital product like an e book then you may want to check out Click-bank.
  • Next is to set up a website or blog. If you are on a tight budget, then join Wealthy Affiliate where you get 2 free websites and free affiliate marketing courses.
  •  Do keyword research to find high quality, low competition keywords.
  •  Write your blog post or article with a link to your product. Be sure to write from the heart. Remember you ultimate goal is to help the person by helping them to find the solution to a problem.
  • Get traffic to you website by using Social Media.
  •  Rinse – Repeat

The above is very basic steps in making money with affiliate marketing with no budget. Here are the top rated affiliate marketing training courses that I recommend.

Getting Started Affiliate Marketing
Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started

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