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ID-100193176If you are a writer or blogger with a website, then you probably want to see your site get more traffic. I am here to share with you some proven tips on what you can do right now to start getting free web traffic to your site.

Write Quality Unique Content:

Writing quality content is a sure way to get traffic to you site. The biggest reason is because the search engines love fresh new content. Honestly if you do nothing more then begin to create quality content that is engaging and helpful to the reader you will get more traffic. Be sure to give your reader what they need. I like all of my articles to be 400 words or more.

Write Consistently:

Notice, I didn’t say often. But you can write as often as you need to. I say write consistently because you want to write when your readers expect new information. Only you know your niche and what your readers expect. For you it may be daily, a few times a week or weekly. By having fresh new content on your site, it shows that you are active and current with your niche. Something else to think about is that Google loves fresh new content. But I don’t write for Google. I write for my readers.

Use SEO (Do Keyword Research)

You can help folks find you by figuring out what they are searching for on the internet. You can do this by using a good keyword tool like Jaaxy. Once you learn how to find quality keywords, you can write articles related to that keyword. So for example if you keyword is “tips on bathing a cat”… Your article should include tips on bathing a cat.

Share your link:

Share your content with others through Facebook, Google+, and other social network sites. When you share your content with people often they will also share your content with their friends and followers. Even if you don’t have a huge following or you are not proficient with networking, you should still be able to get free web traffic.

Keep you content alive!

One thing that is important is learning how to engage your reader through your writing. It gets your reader interacting with you through comments. I love getting comments on an old post. It’s like the new comment brings the article back to life and therefore ends up giving me more traffic. I like to look at comments as new content. Because it really is. If someone leaves you a comment, make sure you connect with them right away.

Let me add that huge traffic doesn’t happen over night. It takes time. But trust me if you keep adding posts with good quality content written in your voice you will reach readers and this will generate traffic.

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    Hi there Wendy
    Once again great post but you forgot an important free traffic method and that is going to other peoples blogs and offering feedback to posts and helping others. Forums are also a great way to get traffic back to your site but always using great conenet is the most iportant part of anything on the internet and spamming sites is a no go
    Thanks for the tips. Must try Jaxxy Out

    1. // Reply

      Thanks Jenelle for reminding us all about reading others blogs and forums. These are both great methods…although it can become time consuming, but worth the extra effort. By the way, you will love, love, love Jaxxy!

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