Get Site Traffic With These Simple Writing Tips

Did you know that simply by adding good quality content to your
site you can get site traffic?

You may have heard it said that “content is king”, but it really is true. Good quality content that attracts readers will give you lots and lots of traffic.

If you have a website that isn’t getting enough traffic, you can start today to improve your site by making just a few changes to the way you write content. Here are some of my biggest suggestions to get site traffic starting today…

Write For Your Reader: While you are writing, think about your reader. How can you help them? What can you teach them? Give the reader what they want and need. I look at it as solving a problem. If your article is about “Diabetes support”. Ask yourself if you satified
the need of that reader who was looking for Diabetes support.

Make your web post easy to read: I like to write the same way I talk. I sort of pretend like I am sitting here talking with a friend. It helps my words to flow easily on the page.

Fill up your page: Even if you have an easy and short point to make, it is important to write at least 250 words of content. I prefer to write 400 words or more. And it can be easier to do than you might realize. Simply write your article the way you normally would. Then go back and add to it. You can do this by giving examples or writing some background. Or you can tell a story that relates to your article. I also like to ask questions.

Encourage readers to leave you comments by asking questions or asking for them to share their experiences. I love doing this, because 1st of all it helps make your post much more interesting. But also all of the content from the comments adds to your content.
And when you have more quality content on your page with lots of comments it gets attention from the search engines and of course this will help you get site traffic.

So if someone is doing a search related to your article, Google will show your page in their search. And that means more traffic to you…

But you can help Google get your post in front of more people by targeting your article around a keyword. This is also known as keyword research. If you can figure out what people are searching for and give them what they want, you can get traffic to your website. Find a keyword that others haven’t writes about, and you will get huge targeted traffic.

If you have never done keyword research…Stop right now and read this article…It will totally change how you look at marketing.

Finding Keywords Is Easy…

Once you understand how to do keyword research, you can get your free keyword tool here…

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I would love to hear from you. What works for you in regards to getting site traffic?

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