Looking for a good proofreading strategy? I might be able to help.

One of the most important parts of writing is what comes after the writing and that is editing or proofreading. Editing is the act of going through your article and catching any mistakes and correcting those mistakes. This part of the process is that part that most people hate because it simply isn’t much fun. But it must be done. In this article, I will be sharing with you a good proofreading strategy that works for me.

I am a perfectionist. When I first started writing as an affiliate marketer, I found this “wanting to be perfect” a hindrance. I was literally afraid to post stuff. I was worried that people would be critical of my writing. But over time, I would post articles and I quickly realized that people don’t expect me to be perfect. Actually I found that my less perfect articles, the ones where I just write from the heart, get the most feedback. So now I just write. And I have gotten better. But really I don’t worry so much about how perfect my posts are. I write to help people. And that is whats important.

With that said, I realize though that it is important that I write in a way that people I keep people engaged wanting to keep reading. I mean if they don’t read my stuff, then really all my work is a waste. So I try my best to put out the best information for my readers. And that means editing!

And editing or proofreading just doesn’t sound like fun. But over time, I have learned how to quickly proofread my articles for mistakes. So, I decide to share them with you here.

Step 1:  Write

When I first write an article, I don’t worry about mistakes. I just write, knowing I can and will go back and perfect my post later on. I don’t try to edit as I write because I find it too detracting and I tend to lose my train of thought. I just write. Actually when I write, I only write on “notepad” on my computer. And often I write with my eyes closed. I just write what comes to me.

Step 2: Read

Once my article is written, I go back and read my article and change anything that doesn’t look right. I also correct any spelling errors I find.

Step 3: Read Out loud

I tend to write like I talk. Fast! And when I write fast I make mistakes. So I think it is important to read my text out loud. This forces me to slow down and hear what I have written. When I read it out loud I find that sometimes I need to reword or rewrite certain parts of my article so it reads a bit smoother and sounds better to the person who is reading it.

Step 4: Check Grammar

Then I run my article through Grammarly, which is a proofreading tool I use. I simply copy and paste my article into Grammarly and it scans my post. Grammarly picks up any spelling errors I may have missed and it checks all of my punctuation. It will also recognize if I am overusing a word and will suggest another word to use. It also picks up on words that have different meanings like to, two and too. Sometimes without meaning to, I am using the word incorrectly.

Do not rely on a Grammar and spell checker to do all of your editing. Keep in mind real people will be reading your stuff. You want it to be easy to comprehend and flow nicely. So read the suggestions that your grammar checker gives you, but ultimately you decide what advice you want to take.

Step 5: Step Away

Once I’ve checked all spelling and grammar, I save my article and then step away and come back to the post later. I find when I come back later on with a clear mind, I can often pick up on errors that I missed previously.

Step 6: Get Advice

One of the things I love best about WA is that there is an entire community of people who are eager to give you honest advice that will help you out. Don’t be afraid to ask someone here in the community to read your stuff or you can share your beautiful content here.

Now my article is good to go. All I need to do is add any hyperlinks or images.

I hope you found this information helpful. As always, any feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Wendy Krick


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    Your advice about stepping away is very true. When I do it I find I see things I didn’t before and have more clarity about what I’m trying to say.

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      You can contact me through my about me page. 🙂

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