Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

ID-100119091I wanted to take a moment to share with you all the reasons I love Affiliate Marketing and am grateful for all the blessings it provides.

  • Cheap Start-up: It is very inexpensive to get started with affiliate marketing. All you need is a website or a free blog site to get started.
  • Residual Income: As an affiliate marketer I get paid several times a month from many different companies. This is residual income often comes again and again for months or years after I do the work. What fun!
  • Work in my Pajamas: Since I work on my laptop I can work from home in my pajamas! Now how cool is that?! I think it is really cool. I get to make my own hours and work when I want to work.
  • No products to handle:  Years ago I did Multi-Level Marketing and I hated the fact that I had to store products and also ship out those products. I hated it! Now with Affiliate Marketing, I get to let my companies do all the work. All I do is recommend the products.
  • Do What I love: As a niche marketer, my niches are all things that I am passionate about and love. So it makes my job so much more fun. Everyday I get to socialize with people who have the same interests as me and I get to write about things I’m passionate about
  • I get to Help People!:  I only recommend products that I love and believe in. And most of my niches are about helping people with a particular problem. So I get to get all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I am helping people. And this is important to me.

What about you? If you are an affiliate marketer I would love to hear about what you are grateful for today on this Thanksgiving Day 2013.

And If you are not an affiliate marketer, but just curious then let me welcome you to affiliate marketing. If you are thinking about starting a business then I highly recommend this field. My recommendation is to check out Wealthy Affiliate which is a sort of university. There is tons of free information including free websites to help you get started.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Have a blessed day!

Wendy Krick



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