How Affiliate Products Sell

Often when folks are looking to make extra money online, they don’t consider affiliate marketing because they don’t want to be a “salesman”. And I can really understand that. We have all had to deal with a high pressure salesperson trying to force us to buy something that we didn’t need or want.  However, affiliate Marketing isn’t about selling! Not at all.

I have a solution to your problem!

Then how do affiliate products sell? The answer is pretty simple. Effective affiliate marketers don’t sell products. Instead, They recommend a solution to a problem.

The critical thing that affiliate marketers need to understand is that our goal as an affiliate is NOT to get sales. Instead the goal should be to get readers to the affiliate website.

To me, affiliate marketing should be called referral marketing. With Affiliate Marketing all we need to do is simply recommend a solution to a problem or refer someone to a site that can help them.

We do referral marketing all day long without even realizing we are doing it! Think about this for a moment. How often have you suggested a restaurant or movie to someone? Have you ever recommended a mechanic to someone? Or perhaps you referred someone to your dentist. Recommending products or services to people is a piece of cake.

We do the same thing with affiliate marketing. And it is just as simple.

All you need to do is create a website about something you are passionate about. Just be sure to choose something that you have a lot of knowledge in so you will have a lot of topics to write about. Each of those topics can be a new blog post.

The more you write about your niche and share solutions (your affiliate product) you will begin to see sales happen.

So as you can see, affiliate products sell naturally through referral marketing. All you need to do is recommend products that you sincerely believe are the best solution to a problem and you will generate sales.


Wendy Krick


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    Hi Wendy – great post on what affiliate (or referral) marketing is.

    We share a common goal of offering solutions to problems, or answers to questions – there are many many people out there who can benefit from the info on your website (and avoid being ripped off too).

    All the best, Mark

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    I agree. I’m only just starting, but I’m finding that my affiliate marketing kinda creates itself. I’ll write about a recipe, and find that I need a certain tool or an ingredient that’s hard to find. If I’M having trouble, so are my readers. So I solve the problem by finding an affiliate that sells Item X and post it. It’s just helping people find what they need. No pressure, no muss, no fuss. You’re exactly right.

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      🙂 You got it Don! When you don’t look at it as selling everything is so much easier. We are just helping people by suggesting a solution to their problem.

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    I have never realized how much referral I have done over the past years. Really great post to put it in perspective here. Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to make money online as you are helping people find the products they need, while earning money doing so too. Really a win-win situation!

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      Yes it is a win-win. :)Thanks for your comment Terence.

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    I was like that. I didn’t like anything to do with sales because the traditional style feel like it was sucking money out of me. Then, I landed in a career that help people solve problems by using products and I thought “Hey, that’s doing sales too”.

    We ‘speak’ sales conversation everyday without knowing it. May as well incorporate some referral strategy and monetize from it.

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      Exactly! We may as well get paid for referrals. 🙂

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