How To Make Money With No Money

ID-10017788Many years ago, the above title, “How to Make Money With No Money” was my google search. In those days, I was really struggling to make ends meet with just my job. So I wanted to find a way to make some extra money online. But the problem was everyone wanted me to invest money.

And I get that!

It only makes sense that if you want to start a home based business you need to be willing to invest money. But what if you are in a dire position. I mean, I was totally broke!

I knew that I wanted to do affiliate marketing, because I read so much about it and I knew that it would be pretty inexpensive to get started. So I joined Wealthy Affiliate, because it was free to join and I would have access to some valuable training.

One of the things I learned, and I really want you to understand, is that it takes a bit longer to grow your business unless you can buy a domain name and hosting. So if you can afford it, I highly recommend it. And of course my recommendation is to go Premium with Wealthy Affiliate as you will learn so much and you will be able to create numerous websites and host them for free with your monthly membership.

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But when I first got started, I was so broke I had to generate some income. Actually what I did was cut coupons when I went grocery shopping and then tucked that extra money away to pay for my WA payment until I was able to start generating some income.

But I also did some extra things on the side that helped to bring in some income. And I wanted to share them with you here. By the way, there are many ways to make money online for free, but these are things that I actually did that brought me real cash quickly and so can you!

So here you go:

How To Make Money With No Money:

Sign up and Join Amazon Mechanical Turk (mturk):  When you sign up, be sure to sign up as a worker. This is a site where you can get paid to do tasks for companies and individuals who need help.

It is sort of like being a temporary employee for a company. You are helping them get jobs done and you get paid. Some of the hits you do at mturk is transcribing, writing comments, tagging images or completing surveys. You get paid for the time you invest. It is fun. I do mturk just for the fun of it.

This is 100% legit. Check out my review below.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review

Can you really make money with Mturk?

Sell Stuff On eBay:  Yep I did this! I went through and did spring cleaning. I removed everything that I haven’t used in a year and sold them on e-bay. Mainly I sold books and knickknacks but I made a few hundred dollars.

Sell DVD’s and CD’s to FYE:  If there is an FYE in your area, you can sell any old cd’s or dvd’s that you no longer need. I got rid of all of mine, except my collection of Little House on a Prairie (I know I’m showing my age). They will pay you cash! Not a bad deal!

Have a Yard Sale:  This is a great way to generate extra cash and get rid of your stuff!

Join Hubpages:  Hubpages is a free site where you get paid for writing articles about anything you want within reason. Hubpages earns money from it advertisers like Amazon, Google and eBay and then they share those earning with you. This method does take time but you can earn money. I stopped writing for them years ago but I still earn money every month from people visiting my articles.

There are many other ways to make money without spending money but these all worked for me. I then took the money used it to cover my expenses while getting my affiliate marketing business established.

If you earned money for free online, please share it below in your comments. I would love to create a huge list for my readers.

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    Hi Wendy I got to say thank you so much for writing this post. Because here you found three great ways to make money online when we all know how difficult that is these days. It seems like you’re digging for gold on the Google search engines trying to find legitimate ways to make money online. And here you got three ways that you have already tried for yourself so we know that we can make money on these things. Thanks again for the recommendations Oh I got to add I tried wealthy affiliate end the free program was remarkable!

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      Good for you Jonathan. When you are ready to, you should become a premium member because it will totally open up so much more valuable training for you. Plus you can earn more money by referring people to Wealthy affiliate. It just sets you up to make money quicker.

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    Hey Wendy,
    I’m glad I found this article because I have been looking for ways to make money online for a while now. I had not heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk, but it seems like a great way to work from home and not starve while building up your online business. Keep the articles coming!

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      I love Mechanical Turk! It really is fun and easy to make some extra cash. Thanks for the comment Alex! :

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    Hi there Wendy,

    Great to be back on your site again. I have tested out MTurk and eBay before but they are not quite my liking. Although I don’t have a lot for investment, I still think that a custom domain name and a WordPress website can take you further in whatever you want to achieve online.

    Interesting information on Hubpages there. How does the system work? Where do you need to apply to submit your articles?

    Thank you.

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      Hi Cathy! The thing that is great about mturk is that there isn’t any investment, other than a bit of time. It is perfect for someone who just needs a bit of extra cash. It is basically free money. But I do agree for someone who wants to earn consistently a WordPress website will take them much further in the long run. MTurk and eBay is a great way to generate some extra cash flow.

      Hubpages is an article site where you can post your unique content. It is free to join. It is great for people who just enjoy writing and they don’t necessarliy want their own site. Or perhaps they want to write about something that is off topic from their site. If you look to the right, I wrote a review on Hubpages if you want to learn more.

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    Great post and ideas! I am going to look further into mechanical Turk, as it seems like that may be a good way to earn some extra money. I really should try selling things on eBay. I tend to just donate them, which is good, but I could be missing out on some extra money during times when extra money could be helpful.

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      Thanks! I’m glad you found it helpful. Yeah, I really don’t need the extra money, but I actually have fun doing the surveys at mturk. I enjoy it and the extra money is kind of neat. :

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    Nice information! I personally love Wealthy Affiliate so much and this is a Real Way to make money online. The best thing of Wealthy Affiliate is that you are actually making money without investing a single buck! Once I am satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate, I can upgrade to Premium and get more support and training!
    One thing I want to ask is that how long does it take to make over $5,000 a month?

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      I also love Wealthy Affiliate! 🙂 It is the real deal and has all the tools that will help anyone succeed online. I know because I’m a bit hardheaded. LOL! If I can find success, anyone can. You just gotta be willing to invest the time in learning.

      In regards to your question, I can’t answer it because it is different for everyone. We are all different and we all learn at different paces. Plus some niches take off faster than others. I find when you focus on just loving what you do and follow your passion, the money comes quicker. So I suggest to folks to focus less on the money and more about loving what you do. Then the money will come easily and freely.

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    Thanks for these great ideas. Sometimes I think we get caught up in the method and forget that if our end goal is making money online, there are some relatively easy ways to go about it which will give us the seed money to get where we really want to be.

    I’d recommend that anyone who is in a similar financial situation to consider doing as you have done here in order to save the cash to invest in their Wealthy Affiliate membership.

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      Yep, a little bit of money coming in can help to create more money down the road.

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    I just heard today that 94 million Americans are out of work. Yes for many people money is tight.

    Making money online is a good option and there are ways to do that quickly. Not live good money but money none the less.

    I like your strategy of how you managed to pay for your training program and I wonder how is it working out for you?

    Money is hard to come by and always has been thanks for the tips.

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      I’m doing great! Niche marketing is really fun and I enjoy the money that I earn from it. My business covers my bills and has helped me to save more for retirement. I have no intention of quitting my job as I really love it and will retire in only 10 years. But if someone could invest more time, they certainly could earn enough to eventually quit their job if they wanted to.

      If someone is unemployed, I recommend starting an online affiliate marketing business while looking for that new job. The extra cash can be really helpful.

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    Hi dear
    Making money without having to invest is really the dreamed idea. Because what stops us for trying online business is the idea to loose money but if I know I can make it without financial investment, I shall definetly try it!
    I’m gonna be patient and wait for my success!!

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