How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2015

If I could start all over again with affiliate marketing, What would I do differently? This is a question that was asked on a forum that I belong to. And after a lot of thought I realized that I really wouldn’t change anything at all.

Yes, I made a lot of mistakes and threw away a lot of money by trying different systems and programs. But I learned huge lessons as I discovered what worked and what didn’t work.

A better question, that I would love to answer would be.  What advise would I have for a total new person who is just getting started online?

My answer would be this:

You need to have the mindset of a business owner in order to be successful in affiliate marketing. You need to be willing to invest both time and money in your business.

It doesn’t cost much money to grow your business. My overhead is less than $60 a month. It may seem like a lot to someone who is getting started it seems like a lot. But when you are earning money daily it really isn’t much at all. My overhead is for two things, my website hosting and my keyword tool.

Lets talk about “Time Investment” for a moment.

When I think about all of the time I spent spinning my wheels trying to learn internet marketing on my own it makes my head hurt. Let’s face it there is a lot to learn. And when your new, you really don’t even know what to do first. It really is very confusing.

So my biggest message to newbies is this…Do invest time in educating yourself. Don’t start spending money on anything, including websites until you get trained first. I promise you, it will save you a lot of time and money as well as frustration!

The #1 reason marketers quit is because they don’t make any money and often they lose money along the way as well. My goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls and get started on the right foot.

I suppose this is why I so passionately promote Wealthy Affiliate. I just want to help newbies succeed online. And I know from personal experience that Wealthy Affiliate is the best training out there.

Affiliate Marketing Classes

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing site that offers the most effective training on the internet. The site has 13 different classrooms that teach you step by step with written training as well as video.

The affiliate marketing classes that are trained at Wealthy Affiliate includes Keyword, niche and market research, Website building, writing content, SEO (search engine optimization, social marketing, website development and WordPress training, video marketing, email marketing and much much more. You can learn all you want to know.

The best thing with the training is that you get to move at your own pace and you can start earning money right away.

If you want to learn more about the training available at Wealthy Affiliate click Here and get started today.


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    Nice Website with allot of nice information that can benefit many people in need of real Online Marketing help!

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    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you completely, their traingng guides are brilliant and the support you get from the community is amazing. I have only been with WA just over a week and they have helped me build my website

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      Hi Greg and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! Your site is awesome! You are living proof that the training at WA works. Your site is very professional looking. Nice job!

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    I agree with you so much if you are going to start this do get as much training as possible and get it from the right place…Wealthy Affiliate!


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      Thanks Scott. I wish I found WA years ago, now it is my goal to help get as many people there as possible. Hopefully I can help prevent them from wasting a bunch of time on things that don’t work. I really appreciate your comment.

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    That’s really helpful! I’m curious as to what kind of things you did that you found wasn’t successful?

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      The biggest regret was writing at free blogging sites like Hubpages and Squidoo. I was afraid to dive in and create my own websites. I did learn a lot about SEO however and earned some affiliate income with Amazon and Google. But then My sales dropped when the sites got Google slapped. I wish I would have spent the time in the beginning at building my own sites. I would be way better off today. But I learned a lot in the process.

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    I too am in wealthy affiliate. I had no idea about website design. Within 2 days I had a website up for free. Great advice and what a great way to give back and help people be successful.

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      Awesome Ship! I totally agree with you!

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    Hi Wendy,

    Great to be back at your site and thanks for reminding all of us that training is vital for online business success. I am one year into affiliate marketing and I have learned so much about the ins and outs of this business. Entering 2015, I am going to put more effort into the training at Wealthy Affiliate and hopefully get better results.

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      Hi Cathy! Wow, time really goes by quickly. I wish you all the best with your affiliate marketing business in 2015.

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    Awesome information in your article here. I couldn’t agree more with the statement “Do invest time in educating yourself. Don’t start spending money on anything…” Well said!

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      Yep. There are lots of scammers out there that just want your money. But there are sites like WA that offer free training. Knowledge is power. Thanks for your comment Claudio.

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    A very useful website with a lot of information about affiliate marketing. I completely agree that education comes first if you want to succeed.
    Take care,

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    More and more people are beginning to realise that marketing online is no a scam at all like I used to. All these websites must be owned by someone and I never thought of it like that before.
    Marketing and starting an online business these days is all about being honest and sharing. People connect with people and not with sales bots. You mentioned wealthy affiliate as a good source for training and learning affiliate and internet marketing and can vouch for that. Being around for so many years is a testament not only for it’s legitimacy but also is a testament to it’s training.

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      Very true. It is so much easier than ever to make money online.

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    I like that you remind people they need to approach affiliate marketing as a business.

    The potential for making money with affiliate marketing is truly unlimited and the personal freedom it creates is unmatched by any other business model.

    Compare affiliate marketing to getting a college degree. Millions of people go deeply into dept and spend 4 or 5 years of their life to get a college degree which nothing more than a ticket to maybe get a job where someone else determines how much you can earn.

    On the other hand, if it takes a year or two to learn the skills you need to make money as an affiliate marketer you’ll never have to hunt for a job and you can honestly earn far more, plus have the freedom to live as you like.

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      You are so right G. The income potential is unlimited!

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    I’d just like to say that this post is perfect for me. I am pretty new to all of this and have barely made any sales. Although I have seen progress, I know I can invest more time into it than I do currently. I am a member of WA and can vouch that it is a great learning tool. I started out in affiliate marketing with WA and it was probably the best thing I did as far as making money online goes.

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      Hi Aaron. It is hard to believe I wrote this post a year ago. It is nice to know that people are reading it. Thanks for sharing your oppinion on Wealthy Affiliate. I am so glad to hear you are having success!

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    Hi there! Thanks for sharing this information with us, this is great stuff. I too have been affiliate marketing for many years and like you say, you learn as you go. I wouldn’t change anything either really. I have had good times and bad throughout the years of doing online marketing and getting sales isn’t always easy. I’ve also spent a lot of money getting to where I am today but fortunately I can say that I am one of the lucky ones that stuck with it and made a business in the end! Often its just a case of staying with something and trying again and again until you succeed. I totally agree with your recommendation here.

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      Thanks Andrew. I think us “affiliate marketers” have a bit of a stubborn streak because really you must be stubborn in order to stick with it, even when it isn’t going the way you want.

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    Hai Wendy 🙂

    Just like you if I could start all over again with affiliate marketing, I too wouldn’t change anything at all. Joining WA was the best decision I have ever made. Like any beginner, I also was overwhelmed by all these internet opportunities. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. They are no joke, those guys know exactly what they’re teaching. From my experience, I could recommend WA to anyone who is just starting out in affiliate marketing.

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