How To Write A Good Product Review

ID-100207661There are many different kind of products that people can review. Many people prefer to write about digital products like e-books or website tools. And other prefer to promote physical products.

I love writing about physical products within various niches. And in doing so, I bring in a nice income. So I wanted to share with you a few tips on how to write a good product review that will get you traffic and the most important thing is click through’s to your product.

Write about one specific product: I find that I get the best results when I write about one specific product rather than a bunch of different products.

Use the exact name of the product including model number in the title of the article: Many people do weeks and weeks of research before buying a product. Once they have their credit card in hand and are ready to buy, they will often go to Google and do a search for the specific product. If they find your post on Google, there is a great chance you will get a click through and sale.

Write a product that you have used and know:  It is so much easier to write about something that you used and your readers will pick up on the genuine love for the product.

5 star reviewsYou can write about a product you hope to buy or is on your wish list, just be sure to do some really good research first. I suggest going to and reading product reviews. I would only promote a product that has 4 or 5 stars and lots (25 or more) of reviews from customers.

Write about your personal connection to the product: Share a story or reason you like the product. This is where you can really connect with your reader. Share how this product help solve a problem for you and why you can’t live without it.

Benefits:  Be sure to include all of the benefits of the product. And let the readers know if they will need additional products to go with it.

Be Honest: Is there something you didn’t like? Write it. I find that I get just as many sales if I write about some of the issues or problems that I had with the product. This lets my readers know that I am real, genuine and looking out for their bests interests.

Include an Image:  And be sure that your image is linked to your affiliate link. Better yet, if you are using the product in your home, take a picture or video of you using the product.


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PS.  If you are looking for some more tips on writing reviews you may want to read my post called Six Amazon Affiliate Success Tips.

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    Wendy, thank you for this article! I was wondering how to do this!
    All My Best,

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    Hi,Wendy Krick
    This is such a great post.I think good product review is very important for affiliate marketer. Thank you for these wonderful tips.waiting for next post 🙂

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      Thank you so much Noman! I really appreciate it.

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    Really a great post! I loved it.

    I am an affiliate marketer and daily I try to improve my writing skills and write a great product review. The best point that I loved in this post was that we should write the review of the product which we have used.

    BDW, I just wrote a post on “How To Use AIDA model to write affiliate product reviews and I just need your views on it and I hope it would benefit your readers. Below is the link :


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      Thank you so much for sharing your AIDA model for writing product reviews. I just left you a comment over on your website. I look forward to reading more from you and hope you visit again. 🙂

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