How Websites Make Money

Have you ever wondered how websites make money?

There are billions and billions of websites on the internet that are making billions of dollars. But how are they doing it?

Well it starts with an established and popular website that gets traffic. Before a site can earn a penny, it must first get lots of traffic. But once that site gets swarmed with visitors a site owner can monetize it in several ways.

A site owner can sell products, rent space and let other sites pay them to place their banners on their website, they can add a forum or they could add a donation button. But I want to talk to you about two of my favorite methods.

Affiliate Marketing:

The first on is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is when a company pays you money when your reader buys a product through your site. Affiliate marketing is my favorite method because I don’t have to deal with products or customers. The affiliate marketing company does all of that. All I need to do is recommend the products to my readers.

There are thousands of affiliate marketing companies out there. Here are a few that I have earned money from,, Commission Junction, ClickBank, and Linkshare.

CPC Advertising:

The other method that I use on most of my sites is CPC Advertising. This is when a company pays you when a reader clicks on an advertisement on your page. You simply add them to your site and they will automatically place adds that fit the topic of your post.

The most well know CPC and my favorite is Google Adsense. But there are lots of companies out there. Some of the popular are Yahoo Publisher Network or Chitika.

Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense are just two ways websites make money. But here’s the thing. If a website doesn’t get traffic, it wont make a penny.


So if you are reading this and thinking about creating a website in order to make some extra money then I suggest you focus on the website first. Worry about monetizing it later, much later. You need to first start with building a website that is full of high quality content that people want to read.

If you want to learn more about writing quality content for your site you should read…How to Get People to Buy From You Online.


Wendy Krick

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    Affiliate marketing is really an important issue today in the online world. Everyone can join it and earns lots of money only working via home. There are commonly three types of affiliate programs via which you get paid for differently.
    1. PPS- In Pay per Sale program, an affiliate will get paid by the merchant after the purchase has been made.
    2. PPC- A Pay per Click program is where an affiliate’s earnings are directly proportional to the number of target visitors he/she directs to the main website behalf of any product/service etc.
    3. PPL- A Pay per Lead affiliate program is where the affiliate generates traffic for an affiliate page.

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      Thanks for breaking it down Chetan! Have a great day.

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