How To Improve Keyword Ranking

Yesterday I shared with you why I check my website ranking on my blog posts. I shared the importance of ranking for your targeted keywords. And of course it is always exciting when a post ranks on the first page of Google. But sometimes certain posts just can’t seem to move to the first page. So today, I wanted to take some time to discuss how we can improve keyword ranking when a post isn’t moving closer to page one of Google or other search engines.

image courtesy of that your site isn’t ranking can be frustrating, especially if you worked hard optimizing your post with good SEO including thorough keyword research. And you wrote quality content as taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

But sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to rank. I know. It happens to all of us.

Keep in mind, SEO isn’t magic. Sometimes it takes a while to rank. And we just need to be more patient. But if you want, you can do a few things that may help your post move a bit in the rankings with Google. And better ranking means traffic in the way of visitors to the front page of your website.

One thing you can do to improve your post is go back and add some more quality content that is focused on helping your reader. Remember the most important thing you can do is write unique quality content for your readers. It is easier than you may realize. Just look for was to expand your topic, cover some concerns that a reader may have. Or share a personal experience.

Something else you can do to get your post in front of more people is to share your page with social media sites like Facebook and Google+. And while you are at it go ahead and submit your link to bookmarking sites. Don’t go crazy with this. Building back links is a thing of the past.

But honestly, I wouldn’t stress too much. Sometimes I think it is best to just leave it be. And move on. In other words, just leave the post alone. Over time, Google may pick it up. And it usually does. Whatever you do, don’t delete your post. You never know when Google decides to move it to page one. And of course you never know when someone finds it through social media.

In the mean time, continue to post quality content. When writing new articles, go after very targeted keywords that get good traffic but have very low competition. This is easy to do if you use Jaxxy. Jaaxy is the best online keyword tool and it is free to try it out.

Simply go after the keywords that have a qsr of 300 or less. Then be sure to include the chosen keyword in your title and first paragraph of your article.

I hope you find these tips to improve keyword rankings helpful. What are some of the things you do to increase your ranking with the search engines? I would love to hear your ideas.


Wendy Krick


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    Thank you for the suggestion of Jaxxy – it’s a good idea to go after very targeted keywords that get good traffic but have very low competition.

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      You’re welcome Elmer! Jaxxy is a great tool.

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