Is Affiliate Marketing Worth it?

Affiliate Marketing has been a popular business model for many years now, but many people still want to know, Is affiliate marketing worth it? And I understand the question more than you may realize. I have been doing affiliate marketing for a long time now and the last think I want to do is waste my time doing lots of work and not make any money.

Often I find that when people ask this question, they already know the answer, or rather they are looking for a reason to abandon their goal of success online. I say this because just like anything else in your life that can bring success and even possible riches, takes work and commitment.

Is affiliate marketing worth it? Let me give you a huge Hell Yeah! 

Here’s why….

Affiliate marketing is easy peasy. Let me walk you through a simple scenario so you can see. Let’s pretend for a moment that I am passionate about healthy eating and cook terrific foods for my family. I want to keep an online record of my recipes so I can refer back to them if I want to cook them again.

So I decide to set up a blog. Then I simply transcribe my recipes from paper to my blog as posts. After some time I have several blog posts and I find that my blog begins to get comments from others and my website is becoming popular.

I had some people ask me questions about some of the recipes and I find myself recommending products that I use. So I decide to become an affiliate with some companies that sell related products. I monetize my blog by linking to these recommended products and I even ad a few banner ads.

Before long, I start to get a monthly check from the affiliates I recommend.

So, by simply keeping track of my recipes and writing about my passion for cooking, I am making money. This sort of unexpected free money is worth it!

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I refer to this as “mailbox money” in my affiliate marketing success story. If you take a moment to read my story, you will see that I am just an average lady. I had no skills at all when I got started with affiliate marketing.

Of course free money is worth it! But imagine if a person took it to the next level and made affiliate marketing a real business and not a hobby. That is when you can really make some serious money.

All you need to do is decide to do it and take action.

Now is as good a time as any to start. Think about what you are passionate about. Think about what knowledge you can share with others and go ahead and get started.
There’s nothing to lose.

If you are thinking affiliate marketing may be for you, go ahead and check out some of the articles on the right hand side of this page. I would also love to personally invite you to become a free member of Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out! There is lots of free stuff there to check out and you will be able to decide first hand if affiliate marketing is in fact worth it or not.

Best, Wendy






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    In my opinion, affiliate marketing is a great business model as long as you like your “niche” and you promote quality products. The biggest investment is your time, as online businesses are truly cheap to start up in this day and age.

    Definitely worth it if you like to write and want something that’s “yours”. There’s a lot of freedom and flexibility that can come along with it. There’s really not much downside.

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      I agree with you Matthew that there really isn’t any kind of downside when it comes to affiliate marketing. I only see great things!

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    Affiliate marketing sounds like a great way to make money from home working in a field that interests you.
    Once you think about what kind of area you would like to work in, how do you find companies to affiliate with?
    Which companies would you recommend to someone just getting started in the affilate marketing business?
    tia, Tammy

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      It is pretty easy actually, Tammy. Once you know what niche you are in and what products you want to promote, you should then be able to find a company to affiliate with. For example, if your niche is dogs and the products you want to promote is dog toys, dog bones, dog meds etc. You can do a google search for those kind of products. When you find a site that sells products that you want to recommend, you can look on that site and see if they offer an affiliate program. Usually, at the very bottom of the page you will see where it says “affiliate program” or you can click where it says “contact us”. Or you can just go with the big companies that offer affiliate programs like

      Also, I really like using the Jaaxy tool. If you type in the keyword for what you want to promote, it will recommend an affiliate program for you. It’s actually pretty neat. You can try Jaaxy for free here.

      If someone is just getting started and they are not sure of their niche, I would suggest they join Wealthy Affiliate because they will learn all the skills they need for success. The resources in the community will give you a great idea where to start, how to choose a niche market, how to create a website and how to find the best affiliate programs to promote.

      I hope this helped to answer some of your questions Tammy. 🙂

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    Affiliate Marketing is a good option, It does take time to build your website and finding the right products to promote, but after a while things become easier and easier.
    Above else been able to make money and be your own boss is the best benefit for me.

    Great article, keep the good work!


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      Being your own boss is a huge benefit, Ruben.

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    Hi there,
    Many thanks for posting such a great review on affiliate marketing. It is really a business worth considering for people that want to work from home and escape the daily commute.
    The other advantage is that parents especially can schedule this business around their family commitments.
    The beauty about this type of business is, that’s entirely up to the people themselves, if they want to become successful or not.
    All the training and mentorship comes as part of the package, so it’s up to themselves if they want to make it a success or not.
    Like you I was lucky to join WA and to-date, I have’nt looked back
    Thanks again for the great review.

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      Thanks Phil. I wish you all the best with your Wealthy Affiliate business.

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