Is Bubblews Legit?

Bubblew StatsName: Bubblews
Price: Totally Free
How I Rank It: 80 out of 100

As an affiliate marketer I am always looking for a new place to write articles. And on one of my social sites last week, I saw that someone was having success making money with Bubblews. (I know, its a weird name).

So I decided to check it out and share my results with you in the form of a review.

But first let me explain how it works.

Here are the rules:

  • Each post needs to be at least 400 characters. 
  • Each post must be in your own words. There can not be any duplicate content.
  • You cannot pay for traffic, ask for likes or use exchange sites to generate traffic.

The rules are pretty basic. So on with my review…

I joined three days ago and since then have written 10 very short articles. Several of these articles point back to my websites which is my number one goal. And I did receive traffic from these articles.

I also wrote a few short posts that had nothing to do with my niches. I figured what the heck.

So today on day 4 I have received 345 views to my posts and have earned $5.37

Overall I like that Bubblews is quick and easy to use and make a little bit of extra money. I think it would be excellent for someone who wants some excellent pocket change.

But for affiliate marketers, I am a bit concerned that it may be a bit of a distraction. I think it is fine to use as a way to market your niche and send traffic to your sites but I wouldn’t focus on just using Bubblews. As an affiliate marketer it is always better to promote your own websites.

An important thing to keep in mind when writing at free sites like Squidoo, you don’t own it like you do with your website. So if the site were to make major changes or shut down, you would be stuck. It is always better to own your own WordPress site where you make all the decisions.

About Bubblews, In Conclusion:

As long as you understand the rules and don’t get to distracted I think Bubblews would be an excellent addition to you marketing strategy. I think it is an okay place to write for some extra exposure. I will continue to keep writing there.

Click Here to check out Bubblews for yourself.

How about you? Are you on Bubblews? What kind of results are you getting there?


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    Great review and I’ve now written my first article over there. Thanks for the info.

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      Great! I’ll have to go check out your article Rick. 🙂

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    I have to disagree with you on this product. I don’t think it will add value to your marketing efforts and here’s why.

    The quality of content isn’t monitored, if you write it you can post it. This will lead to the entire bubblews site being poorly ranked and provide very little backlink value.
    There may be a few trickles of traffic to your site but in general there won’t be a lot of benefit provided.

    Duplicate content is not checked, this will further devalue Bubblews in Google’s eyes.

    Content requirements are only 400 characters. This doesn’t give you much more value than twitter. So the only benefit will be with people seeing your posts. posts disappear quickly with Bubblews so not many people will even see your content.

    That is just my opinion, others may feel differently.

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      Thanks for you comment Craig and you actually have some of the same concerns that I had. But I gotta tell you I didn’t see much value in Twitter when I first joined them as well a few years back. And I get tons of traffic from there. The thing is unlike Twitter and Facebook this site will pay people for posting. And they only pay people who write unique content. I’ve been there for a month and only spend a tiny bit of time a day. This site has earned me an extra $150.00. So yes it does pay and it is legit.

      Bubblews is Not where I invest my time. Not at all. I use it like I use blogger, Facebook and Twitter. It is a great networking tool and does help to generate traffic for me.

      But as I stated in my article, I don’t recommend this site as a major part of your business. It is easy for some marketers to loose focus of their business and get distracted. But if used as a social media site it does have benefits. And based on my personal experience it is legit.

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    Bubblews is a scam! They have selective payments. I had 6 missing payments ($160), deleted 4 of my most viewed, liked and commented posts without explanations at all. My posts were consistently featured in the front page and top news. I haven’t violated anything. I emailed several times but didn’t get a proper response from them. It’s not worth our time! They are definitely a joke!

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      Thanks Betchay for letting us know…I guess I have been one of the lucky ones. I have always gotten paid. I’m sorry to hear about it not working out for you. Have you considered starting your own blog?

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        Hi Wendy,

        I like the bubblews but not agree with their all policies. I want to start my own blog like that or a website like that but i am not getting any cpm, ecpm or like rates on which i can start the work.

        Simply, i am unable to find the source where i can get a good rate which i can offer to my users and i earned as well.

        I just write it to you, if you know about their strategy where they got $.01/view or more than this because this amount they are paying to their users.

        Your comments or knowledge will help me a lot to start my own website like that. I have pretty much resources for website development or portal development but i am stuck at my question.

        1. // Reply

          Your best bet is to start your own WordPress blog. I have some post here that can help you out with that. I think sites like Bubbles are great for a little extra income but in the long run for substantial income, I recommend owning your own blog.

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