Is Hubpages A Scam?

Name: Hubpages
Owners: unknown
Price:  Free
How I Rank It: 75 out of 100

hubpagesHubpages is very attractive for people who enjoy writing and want to earn a little bit of money on the side. But can you actually make money or is Hubpages a scam?

First of all let me tell you right off the bat, that Hubpages isn’t a scam. The site itself it totally legit. I know because I have had my content on the site for many years and to this day, I still earn money from it.


Yeah, you knew there would be a but. 🙂

The reality is that although you can make money at Hubpages, you really need to put up a lot of content in the way of articles also known as hubs. And you need to get a lot of very targeted traffic to those hub and from that traffic you need sales.

How People Make Money With Hubpages

When ever someone buys a product from Amazon or eBay, they split the commission with the author of the page. So if someone has a lot of pages, and they get a lot of traffic, they have the potential to earn some money.

Why People Like To Write At Hubpages: 

  • Hubpages is free to use. Anyone can join even if you are not a very good writer.
  • Hubpages is a good place to start for a newbie who is intimidated about creating their own website.
  • You can earn money as an affiliate marketer through and ebay as well a Google Adsense.


Disadvantages of Hubpages:

  • You don’t have any control over your writing. Your site can be un-published at any time for any reason. You are at the mercy of Hubpages. If they don’t like what you have written, they can sensor you!
  • You don’t have control over your advertising. Again, if they think you have too many Amazon links or they don’t like a site you are linking to, they can up-publish work.
  • Earning potential isn’t nearly as great as it would be if you had your own website because you wouldn’t have to share it with anyone else.
  • No Guarantee that the site will still be around for the long haul. It could close down at any time and all of your writing could go along with it.

I recommend to anyone who is even thinking about affiliate marketing to not waste their time on revenue sharing sites like Hubpages. Honestly you will be at a better advantage by creating your own website. If money is an issue, join Wealthy Affiliate and start with a free site. I walk you through, step by step on how to get started here.

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    ” even if you are not a very good writer?” Please! I am a former Hubber, and Shakespeare himself would struggle to get his work through the QAP these days. Hubpages is a dictatorship. Members are told what will happen to their work when it comes to the new stand alone websites – if they will be selected or left to rot on HP, if they will be edited… HP may not be a scam, be certainly is a slum!

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      Jem, I gotta agree with you. I have noticed that it is way harder on Hubpages then ever before. It certainly isn’t the place it used to be. I think if someone wants to express their self and blog without anyone telling them how they need to create their own website. Just like I expressed in the article, when you write at free sites like Hubpages, you are at their mercy. They can delete or get rid of your work at any time.

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