Learn About Affiliate Marketing Without Coaching?

If you are new to affiliate marketing and internet marketing you may be considering hiring a coach to help you move in the right direction. And there are many advantages to having a personal coach ready and available to help you. For one thing, if you get stuck or mess up your website or something (I’ve done that), you have someone who can help you get it figured out.

It’s nice to have someone knowledgeable give you their opinion on things like choosing a niche market or setting up your website. Having a coach is nice because the help you to learn but it is especially nice to have someone to run ideas by.

An affiliate marketing coach is also a great source of support. An effective coach will help you stay motivated and keep moving forward. Your coach will believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself. And they will encourage you to stretch and do more than you thing you can.

The problem with finding a good coach is that many people are in affiliate marketing just for the money or just for themselves. They may not mind helping people out, but they often can’t invest a lot of time, because they have their own business to run. And that does make sense. This is why I love the wonderful support system that we have with Wealthy Affiliate. There are so many people ready to help you with any question or problem you need help with.

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3 Ways to Get Coaching!

You can go to live chat and ask a question. You will probably get an instant answer as there are often many people readily available to help you out. Or you can ask a question at the top of any page. This creates a post on the site board. You will probably get lots of answers. And if you don’t want your question out there for the public to view, you can also email a friend on the site or the person who invited you, which hopefully will be me.

I would love to help you out. If you need help you can visit my profile at Wealthy Affiliate and leave me a comment.

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Here.

I try to visit the Wealthy Affiliate site at least twice a day. So it may take me a few hours, but I will get back to you. So don’t hesitate to ask for help.

And there are no silly questions. You don’t ever have to worry about what you ask. Remember I was once new to all this internet stuff too!


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    wow:)looks so easy and simple:))just follow the steps and you succeed 🙂
    thanks for sharing this. I always thought that you have to be a computer whizz but things are not like this. I am glad to see that I can do it and for sure I will give it a try.
    You make it sound clear enough 🙂
    ok so will give it a closer look and if I have any questions I will tell you

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      Hi Christina!

      No, you don’t need to be a computer whiz! I am proof. Ha ha! Even after all these years doing affiliate marketing I haven’t a clue about many things. But really the only thing that is important is that you enjoy writing. You are authentic and real. And that you want to help people. Because affiliate marketing is about helping the folks within a niche find what they are looking for.

      You should totally give affiliate marketing a try. And I would love to help you out in anyway I can.

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    Hi there Wendy,

    Internet coaching programs usually charge based on hourly rates $15-$30 and all of this can quickly add up if you increase the contact time. Mentoring programs charge even more – usually hundreds to thousands.

    The results can be quite rewarding, but not everyone have that kind of budget. At the end, it’s always better to join force and learn from everyone like the forum at Wealthy Affiliate as this benefits the overall cost and time.

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      You are so right, Cathy. It is ridiculously expensive for one on one coaching. Learning with others who are walking in the same direction is cheaper and it makes sense. I loved that I never felt alone. As you state, there is always someone ready to help you out on the forums. Joining a Group website like Wealthy Affiliate is a great option for anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing step by step.

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    Well this certainly look like a simple way to learn the trade but how much is it going to cost me in the long run. I can see it’s free but can I remain a free member. Also what about the tools of the trade? Will they also supply me with them for free?

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      You can be a free member for your lifetime if you wish. And there is lots of free training as well as a free keyword tool and 2 free websites. But I suggest becoming a premium member if you are looking to become a serious affiliate marketer. I’ve been a premium member for many years and the reason is I have many WordPress websites hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate and I love feeling connected to other people like me. It is great to share ideas with others and even after all these years, I’m always learning something new.

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    Getting a coach or a mentor is one of the best ways to learn anything new. That person has a large amount of subject knowledge which can help you on your journey. The best advice that I was given by anyone was when I was listening to a podcast by the great John Lee Dumas (EOFire Podcast) when he mentioned that he was able to find his mentor. He advised that he found her by knowing what he wanted to do and invested close to $10k for her to mentor him. The moral of the story is if you find a good mentor and their price might seem a little high think about what they can do for you. They can/should introduce you to contacts that you wouldn’t have otherwise had as well as possibly invite you along with them as they go to trade shows and events. Get a top level mentor that has been at the top of the industry for a while and have them take you under their wings, or try to find a community of people in the industry and learn from each other. If you want to get better at something you must be open to constructive criticism also.

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      Todd, you are so right in that if you find the perfect person to mentor you, it is worth the money because they will help to give you such a big step up. Or finding a community in your industry. So affiliate marketers may benefit to be a part of the community within Wealthy Affiliate as everyone is helping each other out. And I also agree that if someone can’t take criticism than they will never exceed. You have to be willing to learn and grow from your mentor.

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