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One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is by using social media. So today I wanted to list social networking sites that I use in order to generate traffic.

ID-100204371List of Social Networking Sites:

Facebook: Facebook is probably the most popular social site on the net. There are millions of people on Facebook and because of this you are very likely to find people who are interested in your niche market. by sharing you link with your followers you can generate lots of traffic.

Twitter:  Twitter is another great place to network and share your links. I find that I get the best results on Twitter when I am interactive with other users. I try to be a “good friend by sharing or “re-tweeting” quality tweets of others. In other words, I don’t just tweet and run. I spend a bit of time networking.

Google+:  Google plus is my favorite social site at the moment. I love that I can follow people and create a group for them. So depending on my site I can create different groups depending on my niche markets.

Pinterest:  If you are on Pinterest already then you know how much traffic you can generate with simply sharing images from your site. So it is really beneficial to ad an image to each blog post you make. Also be sure to link your image at Pinterest with the keyword of your post.

Free Websites For Blogging

I also like to write on paid blogging sites as a way of networking. This helps to get me traffic to my sites. Free Websites For Blogging are a great way to write about anything you want and you may even make a little extra money. But the goal here is to write quality content that will interest your readers so they will want to visit your profile and when they do, they will see a link to your website. Again it is about writing quality content.

I love these kind of sites because it gives me a chance to talk about topics that might not be within my niche. I get to be myself. And I find that people really like my openness. It makes me more real and normal. For example on Bubblews, I can write a short post and just vent about every day life. When people visit my profile they check out my website because they a curious. This is free traffic.

*warning* I just wanted to share a small warning from my personal experience. You can earn money at these sites. But they can be a huge detraction from your website building which is where the real money is. So use these sites as a fun way to get traffic. But don’t lose your focus which is your niche website.

Here is a list of blogs sites I write at:

Bubblews What I like about Bubblews is that I can just write short little posts. Each post needs to be 400 characters or more. You can earn money here, but I don’t use this site for earning money. For me, it is more for enjoyment. I get to vent, or write about little snippets of my life.

With Bubblews you don’t ever want to link to your website or add an affiliate link to your post because it is breaking the rules. However, if you write good quality content that is interesting then people will want to learn more about you and will visit your Bubblews Profile. And if you have your website or blog link on your profile page, this will help give you some traffic to your site.

Squidoo  I have been writing at Squidoo for years and even earn a decent amount of money though them. Squidoo is a great way to generate traffic to your site. You could write an article (called a lens) and then add a link to your site. Be sure to write good quality content that is interesting to your reader.

Hubpages :  This is very similar to Squidoo. Again focus on good quality content and you can generate traffic to your site.

I always do keyword research when writing articles at Squidoo, Hubpages or Bubblews because it helps my articles rank better and therefore gives me much more traffic to my website.

I hope you found this list helpful!


Wendy Krick


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