Why I Don’t Market To Friends And Family

One of the questions I hear a lot is, “Should I market to friends and family?”

Personally, I don’t promote my business to my friends and family at all. I guess I look at things a bit differently than most people. I was in MLM for many years before I found affiliate marketing ( I know what your thinking). And during those years, I learned a valuable lesson.

And what I learned is that people hate to be sold to and when they tell you they are not interested, they really are not interested. My up line at the time encouraged marketing to friends and family.

Especially Family Members!

My opinion is this, regardless of what kind of business I’m doing, I don’t try to promote it to my family. And the number one reason why is, I hate it when people do it to me. I love my family and I don’t want to scare them away.

And you might be thinking, “But this could really change their life”.

I can relate. I have nieces that are really struggling financially. I know that the extra income could really make a difference in their life.

But the bottom line is, people don’t care, and they won’t listen until they are ready to or until they see you are having success. So I don’t waste my valuable time.

I let them see my success and if they want information, I will gladly give it to them. But I have always found that most folks are not willing to do the work required. However, they are pretty proud of me, once they realize how must commitment blogging and website building takes.

My suggestion to folks wanting to market to their family is to promote to people who are walking in the same direction as them instead.

Here’s what I mean. If they want to market on Facebook. They could promote their business on their main page where family and friends will see it. But they need to understand that they probably will not get clicks or sales. However, they may get some “likes” or “shares from their family. And this may help attract folks who are looking for what you have to offer.

But they shouldn’t just focus on their main Facebook Page.

Instead, they can join some groups or ” like” some pages of folks who are walking in the same direction as you.

This is what I do:

One of my niches is affiliate marketing and I promote an amazing training program called Wealthy Affiliate. I know Wealthy Affiliate can help anyone who is struggling to make money online actually see cash flow come in after they utilize the skills taught at WA.

The way I market my opportunity on Facebook is  by joining groups where there are people who blog. These people all have the same love for blogging that I have, but they might not be making money doing it. I know I can help them. So this is where I share some of my useful blog posts.

I know I can help fellow bloggers by sharing some of the skills that I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate. And as I network within the community of bloggers, I find that people begin to join me at Wealthy Affiliate.

So, I fully understand that my friends and family are not interested in joining my opportunity. And I don’t mind it a bit. I focus on helping those who are walking in the same direction as me. Those are the people I can help.

So, How to market to friends and family? I don’t. If they ask about it, then I will help them out. Otherwise, I don’t bring it up.

What about you? Do you try to market to friends and family?

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    You’re so correct. I agree that people don’t like to be sold to and that’s especially true when they’re in financial help, the last thing they want is a close family member trying to sell them something when they have no money as it is.

    I see my friend doing it all the time, putting statuses up and stuff like that trying to get his family and friends to sign up under him – and in all honesty I don’t think he’s getting any luck with it.

    Definitely an eye-opener. Thanks for this.

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      I agree, Brandon. I think it is better to focus on our niche market and the people we can help. Plus if you do end up convincing your family to join you, often they expect you to do a lot of the work for them. It is better to find people who have a passion and burning desire to succeed. 🙂

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    I agree with you 100%. I hadn’t planned on doing much marketing on facebook, but now that you opened a whole new light for me, i have changed my mind. Once you build your success, you won’t have to ask your family, they will come to you lol ;D

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      Exactly. And the funny thing is, I have had people come to me and ask me how to start a blog or they will ask how I’m making money online. And I tell them. But they never really seem to take action. Or they say something like, maybe one day you can come to my house and show me what you do. I’m like, no, you can go online and follow the training like everyone else does. I can’t sit there and be their personal trainer. I would love to but I just don’t have the time. The training online at Wealthy Affiliate is so easy, anyone can be successful.

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      I m agree to the marketing. Help me if somebody want marketing.

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    Wendy, I agree with you that marketing to family and friends rarely works out. I have also have done a lot of different MLM programs. They always tell you to market to you family. I have seen this ruin relationships. I also find it hard to find people around me that have the same motivation as I do. I do find my family supportive of what I do, they just do not usually buy.

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      That is exactly the same thing that I have found. My family is supportive, but not interested in doing it with me. Some people have shown interest, but have never taken action.

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    Hi Wendy,
    I completely agree with not trying to pass information on to family and friends. I can remember that Amway sting that was going around years ago. We had no idea what we were walking into. I made us very uncomfortable and things like that can easily come between friends and family. Great article.

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      I feel the same way about being uncomfortable having things come between friends and family. I try not to mix my family and my business. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Kathy.

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    I agree with you on this. When you have concrete progress to show them they will be the ones asking you for information about your methods. It’s always easier to talk to people about something they’re already interested in.

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    This is so true! I can totally relate to this. Marketing to friends and family is NOT a good idea unless they can see that you’re having success.

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