My Best Advise For Someone Choosing Their First Niche

The biggest frustration and challenge that I hear from new marketers is “I can’t decide on a niche!”

Choosing a niche can be very hard….

And yes, it is important for several reasons. A niche needs to be something that people are going to search for (otherwise you wont get traffic). Yet, it can’t have a lot of competition or else someone else may get that traffic. And the most important thing is you will be writing about this niche for a long time, especially if it ends up being a money maker.

No wonder affiliates get stressed over the subject of niche marketing.

Okay yes, choosing a niche is very important when it comes to affiliate marketing and building a website. But I think people put way to much emphasis on choosing the perfect first niche.

Guess what?! It doesn’t have to be perfect. I mean we are all here to learn right. So I say relax and have fun with your first niche. You can even call it a “practice Niche” if you want.

Here is what I want you to know and understand…

whats my niche

You can make money in just about any niche. So really don’t make yourself crazy. Just find something that feels right to you. Find something that you can relate to and you think will be easy for you to write about.

And then remember that a niche can be changed at any time. You CAN change your mind! Really you can. So just let this first niche be your practice niche. And you may decide to keep expanding on it or you may want to add more niches later. What ever you decide is up to you. There are no hard rules in affiliate marketing. But I think if you learn what works with this practice niche, you will then have all the tools and knowledge you need to start other niche websites.

So stop getting stressed and just find something of interest and run with it. Narrow it down to a small niche market and build a blog or website about the niche. Use this niche as a practice niche.

Now don’t you feel much better?

You can relax knowing this niche doesn’t have to be permanent. Just pick a niche of interest to you. And get rolling…

Now that you have your niche, you can start researching that niche and learn about your target audience.

Wendy Krick



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    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for sharing this post. I agree with your comment about first niches….without meaning to sound cynical, your first niche will probably not work out, so you may as well just pick something you enjoy, and learn as much as you can from the experience!
    To me, your niche isn’t really the most important thing that you can work on- it’s learning your trade that’s important. Read, write, learn some more, repeat. Just my opinion, of course!
    Thanks again,

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      I totally agree with enjoying your niche. It makes learning so much easier.

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    Hi Wendy, While there is a lot of merit in your message, it doesn’t really answer the “What niche for me?” question.

    I know, I struggle with this one myself. I find niches are like nice shiny objects… that “other one” over there may be so much better than what I’m working on…

    And while in time, we may have as many niches as we feel compelled to enter, finding that ONE to really sink (my) teeth into remains elusive. And if what Chloe says is true, (…your first niche will probably not work out…) it makes choosing the right niche even more important. If the first niche doesn’t work out, why would anyone try another?

    I thoroughly believe the secret to success is getting it right the first time. Or at least, as in “The Gambler”, ‘you have to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…’ before you’re too bent out of shape and dispirited to start over.

    I wonder what others think?


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    I agree with you and think that people spend too much time worrying about whether they have chosen the right niche when starting an affiliate marketing website. There are literally billions of people searching the internet each day so you are bound to find a few other people that share the same interests or views as you. How long should you spend on a specific niche before you move on to others if your first isn’t working?

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      Hi Nate, I think I would give any niche a good 6 months assuming I am posting a couple times a week. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the site to index and generate some traffic.

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    Hi Wendy,

    I too wonder if I am in the right niche sometimes. There are so many options to consider. But at the end of the day you are correct in that with a little effort and time you can really turn any niche into a legitimate online business. There isn’t a magical niche out there that is going to guarantee you success.

    If you’re ok with a little competition and hard work, you can be successful in any niche.

    Great post!

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      Yes you can be successful in any niche. Some niches just take a bit more work when it comes to competition.

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