New Pingback on Your Post

New Pingback on Your Post….

If you are a WordPress blogger like I am and you link between articles and blog posts, then you probably have received emails from WordPress telling you that you have a new pingback on your post. And then when you go to your comments you see that you have a few options on how to handle it.

You can delete, approve or spam it. First lets understand what a pingback is.

What is a pingback?

A pingback simply means that another WordPress blog has linked to yours. It is simply a notification. But it is a good thing. Inter linking is good. Especially if another high quality site is linking to you. So it is a good thing.

So how to handle that comment. Well if your pingback is from your own site. Meaning you are pinging from one post to another page or post, then simple delete it. I wont hurt a thing.

But if another site is pinging you, then I suggest follow over to that site and check it out. Often it is a really good thing. The other blogger is probably recommending your post to their readers. And in turn this will give you more traffic wish is awesome! If the post and site it is a high quality website that you don’t mind being affiliated with and you like the article, then go ahead and approve the pingback. If not, simply delete it.

Actually when I find a site linking to me and I love their post, I will also leave them a nice comment just to let them know that I appreciate the compliment. This is yet another way of building relationships.

By following pingbacks this way I have found some really high quality sites that have really helped to send me quality traffic by linking to me.

With that said, I have also found the opposite.

Anyway, I hope this helps to clarify “what a pingback is” and why you are getting emails from WordPress saying… “New pingback on your post


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If you want to learn more about pingbacks, you can go directly to WordPress:

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      I would check out the site and as long as it isn’t spammy and has good quality content then, yes I would approve it.

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    There is so many pingbacks on one site but they are seemless. They are using spamy keywords to harm other sites. Is there a tool to block or clean them for better SEO.

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