Online Business Systems Scam

Is Online Business Systems a Scam?

Name: Online Business Systems
Owners:  Herbalife President Team Members
Cost:  $9.99 Decision pages, plus $39 if you decide to keep it. Total Cost $50. Plus more money depending on if you start your Herbalife Business as a Distributor or a Supervisor (Be prepared to have money to invest)
Products: An Internet Training System for an Herbalife Business
Rating: 15 out of 100 (read on to learn why I only rate OBS a 40)

  • As someone who was a member of OBS (Online Business Systems) for over 3 years I wanted to give my honest opinion on them.

Online Business Systems is a Training System that helps distributors market their Herbalife Multi-level Marketing Business. They offer very good training and a have a  great back office to help you get leads for your business in order to grow a down line.

The marketing is a bit deceptive. When you go to the website you can order a “decision package” with your credit card. The decision package is $9.95. When you order, there is tiny print that says if you don’t return it within a certain amount of time, you will be charged $39. And since most people read the fine print, they end up pretty mad.

Also, you really don’t know what the business is about until your are further in the process and have invested more money.

I used the system for a few years while marketing my Herbalife business and was pretty successful. But after having a heart to heart with myself, I made a decision to leave OBS and Herbalife for the following reasons.

  • Integrity was a huge issue for me. I felt they this way of recruiting was a bit deceptive. For example people didn’t know the real company was Herbalife until they had already talked to their coach. And I had a problem with the fact that when people invested $9.99 they often missed the fine print letting them know they would later be charged $39.
  • Success is Expensive: I was literally going broke buying leads. And my down-line was growing broke buying leads. Unless you have a lot of money to invest, then you can easily go through money. And yes, you can go the slow route by posting free ads etc. But expect a lot of pressure from your up-line promoting you to buy leads. And they want you to buy the leads from them. (No surprise here).
  • Recruiting: I literally spent hours and hours on the phone doing 3 way calls. Yes I got to work from home, but I had no life. I spent all day either on the computer or on the phone. And this was no fun at all.
  • Did I mention the Hype? There is a lot of hype on the conference calls and at the training.  This is not an accident. Think about it. What better way to get people to invest money they really don’t have in a business? I got sucked into the hype myself. So I know. Now when I see a lot of hype I run the other way.

In conclusion…
Online Business Systems is legitimate. However, in order to make real money you need to be willing to invest in buying leads and products in order for this system to work. I personally think the way OBS markets is a bit unethical and sneaky. This is why I give Online Business System a score of 15 out of 100.

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I believe that Network Marketing is a legitimate way for people to make money. But I don’t think buying leads is the best way to go. For those who love the network marketing business model you may want to consider Attraction Marketing as a way of growing a down line with MLM.

Attraction Marketing is when people seek you out rather than you hunting them down. It is way cheaper. So if you are in MLM and you are struggling you may want to learn about Attraction Marketing.

These days, I am earning money with Affiliate Marketing where I don’t have to invest in buying leads or products. And I never, ever have to pick up the phone. And I get to build an honest legitimate business that I am proud of. Oh and by the way there is very little investment. You can even get started for free.

Have you had an experience with Herbalife or Online Business Systems? If so, I would love to hear your story. Please leave a comment below.

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    I’ve never heard of Online Business Systems before and it’s good that you write about it based on your personal real life experience. It’s really disappointing that most sites like this one use deceptive methods to lure people into buying their program. Instead of helping people build a real business they use all possible means to make money off people. I imagine that you spent all your day on the computer trying to recruit someone only to find that you were wasting your time and money. Fortunately, you finally found the right program 🙂

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