Six Amazon Affiliate Success Tips

If you have arrived at my blog then you are probably wondering how to become successful with selling Amazon products. So I wanted to share with you some of the things that I learned over the years that give me great results and sales.

The most important thing I learned and that I want you to understand is that it isn’t important that they buy the product your are promoting. What is important is that you get them to the Amazon Website because once there, you get paid on everything they buy.

Now this doesn’t mean that I take short cuts when it comes to writing reviews and helping my reader. I make sure I only choose the highest quality products. But my ultimate goal is to get them to the Amazon Website.

Now onto My Amazon Affiliate Success Tips:

amazon.comWrite about Products I have Used and Love: 

I get good results when I write about a products that I have used and I love. A good example of this is when I wrote about a foot problem that I was having and the shoe that I wear to this day. I would not wear another shoe to work.  And by taking less then an hour writing about my feet and a shoe I have sold hundreds of pairs of these shoes over the last two years. When you write about your own experience with a product you connect with your reader.

Write about the top sellers within a small niche market:

When you go to the Amazon Website and do a search, Amazon always shows the top sellers first.  So most people tent to choose these products to market. But it would be difficult to get traffic for a highly popular items because the competition is so great.

However, if you look for a smaller niche market and then figure out what is the most popular item within the market, you have a much better chance of getting sales.

Focus on 5 Star Reviews:

Sometimes it is difficult to write about a niche where you haven’t used the products. For example infant toys. If it has been years since you had an infant in your house you might not have hands on experience with the latest infant products. But that is fine. You can rely on reviews from customers to give you a good feel about a product.

I like to write about products that have 5 star reviews (sometimes 4 stars) and make sure that there are at least 5 customer reviews. This, to me, means the product is popular. If an item has a 5 star review by 1 person it doesn’t mean as much as 10 customers giving the product a 5 star review.

Promote Evergreen Products:

Write about products that people will still buy in 5 years. A few years ago I had a very successful “Silly Bandz” Website. I sold thousands of silly bands and made great money for about 4 months. It was very fun and exciting until the fad died and so did my website. But I enjoyed it while it was hot. And I learned a lesson. I now promote evergreen products.

Listen To Your Buyer:

One of the things I like to do is I go to my Earnings Report and check out what products people have purchased that I don’t promote. This is how I have come up with unique ideas for niche markets.

Price Isn’t Important:

Many Amazon Affiliates will recommend that you only sell high ticket items, those that are $100 or more. The thinking behind this is that you will make more money. And this is true. It is better to make $7 than 70 cents. However, I have to tell you I do really well with selling inexpensive items because I find that often people will by in bulk.

And another thing that I realized is most people will buy more items at Amazon in order to get free shipping. So if my reader gets to the Amazon site through my link and buys my $10 item, they will normally also continue to do more shopping. And since I referred them to the site, I get paid on everything they buy! Which is good for me.

So I don’t worry about the price of an item. Instead, I focus on promoting products that I trust and believe in. I think about my reader first and make sure I keep them in my best interest.


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    You have some great tips here Wendy, I certainly agree about not promoting all ‘high ticket’ items – if nothing else, the cheaper ones get bought more frequently and therefore help to build up the total of sales in the month so that you can get up to the 7% commission tier – which makes a big difference. I have never made higher than 7% … yet!

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      Thanks for your comment Alison. Another thing about promoting cheaper items is often there is much less competition since most affiliate marketers promote the higher ticket items. Just keep doing what your doing and I’m sure you will push past 7% very quickly.

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      You are Welcome Gerry. I hope you found it useful.

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    Wendy, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. I think these a re vey helpful tips, and I’m going to follow your advise here.

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      Hi Sam! I’m glad you found it helpful.

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