Start A Blog – Make Money

Start Blog – Make Money

start blog make moneyOne of the easiest ways for a total newbie to start earning money pretty quickly is to start a blog. The fun thing about blogging is you can blog about anything you want. The most successful bloggers keep their blogs focus on a niche topic. So if you blog is about cats, then you should only write about cats.

Picking out your first niche topic:

When choosing a niche or theme for your blog keep in mind you will be writing posts several times a week so be sure you pick a topic that you have a lot of passion about or knowledge about. For example, my most popular blog was one focused on toys for kids. I am a Mom of three, but I also worked at a Toys R Us store for several years. So I am a bit of expert when it comes to toys. I never run out of ideas about what to write about.

“My best Advise For Choosing Your Niche Market.”

Setting up a Blog:

Setting up a blog is much easier than you may realize. If you follow the steps I have here on my site,

Learn how to create a website for free! 

you can have a blog up and running within a few minutes.  Don’t over think a theme or add a bunch of fancy things to your blog. I find that less is more when it comes to blogging. For now, lets just focus on the content of your blog.

Once you have your blog set up, you want to start writing. If you chose a niche that you are passionate about this part should be pretty easy. Don’t over think it. Just start writing. Writing is the most important thing. If there is no content, you will not have a blog. So just focus on writing good content and try to make sure that each of your blog posts has at least 200 words of content. I prefer to write 300 words or more of quality content.

Learn How to write a good blog post


Once you have several blog posts, you can now start thinking about monetizing your blog. There are several ways you can do this. You can add physical products and become an affiliate of Amazon or a similar site.

Once you are approved by an affiliate that has products that go well with your blog you can start adding them. For example you could add an Amazon Banner to your overall site. And then you can go back and edit some of your posts and add products to those posts. So lets say on one of your posts you wrote about some of the toys children played with in the 70’s like tinker toys. You might want to share with your readers that they still make tinker toys today and add the link to your site.

Now when some clicks your link, and buy a product, you will get paid.

You could also add Google Ad-sense or other Chitika. It works like this. You add them to your site and then just write your posts. Google ad-sense will automatically post adds that make sense.

And you can also monetize your website with digital products.

What ever you do, don’t over do the affiliate links. You want your blog to be appealing to your reader. It isn’t appealing if it is over-promotional.

People around the world are earning money blogging. It really is a fun way to make money. If you want to really make money blogging then you should really take some time to learn about how to create a successful blog by learning everything you need to know about affiliate marketing like I did at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Wendy Krick


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    Hey Wendy,

    I like your overview, it has some very good tips and advice. Very spot on!

    I’ve read that as a rule of thumb a post should be as high as 1,500 words. Though, I find it challenging to reach that number.

    I agree with you when you say “quality content.” Whether or not a blog post contains 1,500 or 800 words, the main focus is that your readers should come away with something useful and informative.


    1. // Reply

      Thanks Chris, I really appreciate your feedback. The bottom line it really just comes down to content. :

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    I think more people should give blogging a shot. I always ask people to consider turning their passion or interests into an online business thru blogs. It’s nice to share what you love with other people from around the world. All sharing that same interest or passion. Not to mention, you can also monetize the site using the methods mentioned in this article. That has to feel good.

    1. // Reply

      Yes, Andrew. It is pretty neat how you can make money by creating a site about something that is important to you. You get to make money while your having fun!

  3. // Reply

    Hey Wendy, Likewise I started a blog and learnt the techniques of building a website, writing unique content and attracting visitors online with Wealthy Affiliate.

    I use Amazon and eBay as my affiliate programs to earn commission when someone purchases via my link.

    Before joining Wealthy Affiliate to learn the techniques of affiliate marketing I became stuck finding work and found this solution the most inexpensive way to start a genuine business. A year’s hosting charges for the website including training equates to one month’s rent of my previous business premises, never mind the plethora of extra overheads.

    The only snag regards the time it takes to attract visitors to accomplish conversions. Similar to a traditional business, they take time to become established.
    How long have you been blogging this way?

    1. // Reply

      Yes, Simon. It takes time to become established. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now.

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