Ways to Avoid Procrastination Online

As an affiliate marketer and blogger, I find that my biggest time waster is procrastination. And it isn’t something that I do intentionally. It is just that when I intend to write, I find that I am easily distracted but stuff that seems like more fun then writing.

But procrastination will kill any business. So I always focus on what will make me money in the long run first. Then I do the fun stuff. Here are some of the ways that I avoid procrastination online.

  • ID-100214057Goals: Be sure to have clear goals of what you want to achieve in your business. And remember that those short term goals are just as important as the long term ones. It is what you do daily that will help you achieve success in the long run. Keep focused on those goals.
  • To Do List: Most people find that they get more things done if they work from a list. I know for me it really helps me to stay focused on what I want to get accomplished. And it is fun when you get to start checking items off of that list. It really gives you a great sense of accomplishments when you are completed your list.
  • Do Yucky Stuff First: I like to do the stuff I dread first, which for me is the boring stuff. This way I get it over with quickly. Then the other stuff comes naturally and its fun.
  • Make the Task Seem Smaller than it is: Break it down into smaller steps. For example, if writing a post sounds overwhelming to you, then just focus on writing out some ideas of what you want to write about. Then you can start expanding on those ideas. I often find when I do this, I end up with a complete article anyway.
  • Make it a Game: Set a timer for 10 minutes and see how fast you can get the task done. I often find that I want to keep going and get annoyed when the timer goes off. So I realized that it really is about getting started. Once I get started, things start to happen.
  • Do Not Disturb: Keep interruptions to a minimum. By turning off your phone and television you will be able to focus more on the task at hand. It is okay to ask family members to give you some space to work on your business. They will appreciate it when they get to enjoy the benefits your business brings.
  • Accountability Partner: Maybe you can find yourself an accountability partner. Find someone who works online like you do and let them know what you want to get done each day. At the end of the day, let them know how you did.  I know I always get more done, when someone is going to check up on me.

These are some of the Ways to Avoid Procrastination Online that I find work for me. Do you have any that work for you? I would love to add them to my list. Please leave a comment below.

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    I agree with this. Procrastination is our biggest enemy and can hinder us in all areas of our lives.

    I agree with weighing up the pros and cons of any situation and thinking about how to plan things efficiently, but not to the point where you finally end up doing nothing.

    Great reading.



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    Great post Wendy!

    I know I am terrible with procrastination, and I should try to cut down on my distractions while I work.

    I find a ‘to-do’ list very helpful too! It is so satisfying to cross jobs off the list, especially with a big red marker pen 🙂

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      Yes, there is a lot of satisfaction in crossing off the completed jobs. 🙂

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    Great tips, many of them have really helped me in the past and i also picked up a few new ones

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      I’m glad you found it helpful, Eitan. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

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    Hey Wendy , procrastination is always a popular theme but a very important subject generally in businesses.

    Nice thoughts , but I believe every individual may find other ways to trick that task.For example timers and clocks for me are not working.

    But I always have a list of to do things , in fact this list is so huge that is a reason for procrastination itself.Instead it proved it is working for me as I never run our of ideas and I keep on going.

    One thing I always do is to remind myself where I want to be in a year from now.And I have my children as inspiration , an endless resource for keeping me alerted.

    Nice read , I ll be returning for more.

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      I know what you mean about lists. If they get to long it can be overwhelming. But it feels great when we get to mark it as completed.

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    Hi Wendy,

    I saved this post a while ago, just now getting to read and comment.

    I find that I get busy on things without thinking about it – a form of procrastination for me.

    I’ve been working on this by using two tactics:
    1. Time blocks
    2. Routine

    I use the Tomato-timer.com to work in time blocks. It’s set for 25 minutes work and 5 minutes break. You can customize it to your needs.

    When I started using it, I had to set it for 10 minutes of work because I was so unfocused.

    I find I am most productive in the morning. I set up a routine for the first 2 hours of my workday. I utilize the timer above for 4 sessions. This is usually my money maker.

    Funny thing, Lynn Terry of ClickNewz.com mentioned doing her money task first before anything else. You do the same thing so I think I’m going to focus more on adopting that into my routine.

    Always enjoy reading your blog.

    Have a lovely Day,

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    I think everyone is a little guilty of wasting time when in fact they should be writing or doing other fun stuff with their business. There are so many distractions online and whilst you are sharing you latest post or page within the social networks, its really easy to just play a quick video or start reading someone else’s post! Distractions are everywhere, so thanks for sharing your tips with us!

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      I agree that distractions are everywhere waiting to distract us affiliate marketers from the work at hand. I suppose all we can do is try our best to stay on task. Thanks for your comment Andrew.

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    Thank you for this great article! Was really inspiring! 🙂
    I’ve started to build an affiliate marketing website like a month ago. I feel super lucky that I’m doing it with my brother. It’s makes things work in a way like it would never if I was alone. We pay attention to each other so it boost our productivity really much! 🙂
    My best recommendation for every affiliate marketer is to find partner. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!


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      Finding a partner is a great idea! For me, since I’m doing this on my own, I find that if I get discouraged or frustrated that jumping on the Wealthy Affiliate chat or activitiy dashboard helps to get me back on track. Being connected with others is very helpful.

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    It’s just so easy to get distracted on the internet. You sit in front of the computer all ready to get stuck into some work, and then flick from page to page to check out all the butterflies and shiny objects.

    You are right when you say procrastination will kill your business.

    I’ve always found a To Do List works really well for keeping me focused and on track. You have some really good advice here. Breaking a big task down into smaller chunks is a really good idea. So too is getting the hardest stuff out of the way first.

    Glad I found your post. Just what I needed to read right now.

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      I’m glad you found it helpful, Darren.

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