What are the Advantages of Niche Marketing?

There are Advantages Niche Marketing

There are many advantages to niche marketing. But before I go into the advantages lets first talk about what exactly niche marketing is.

Niche Marketing is when you drill down on a market until you figure out what people are looking for. This helps you to get very targeted with your market. You are looking for a small group of people to buy from you.

And you might wonder why you would want to target a small group. So let me explain why.

Think about this… If you wanted to sell shoes and you made a page and posted it on Google How many people do you think would find your website. Well there are billions of searches for shoes so you would think you would get a few sales, right? Wrong.

You see because there is so much competition out there for “shoes”, your site would never be seen. If you are lucky you would be on page 458 of Google. Don’t waste your time.

So if you want to sell shoes, you need to get more specific and figure out what people are searching for. Find a smaller niche of specific items that people are searching for. Are they looking to solve a problem? Do they need shoes for work? For Church? What about Velcro sneakers for men?

Velcro Sneakers for Men is a great little niche. If you created a site for this niche, you would be giving your prospective buyer exactly what they want. And you will generate sales.

Advantages of Niche Marketing:

  • There is much less competition if you are marketing within a niche.
  • It is much easier to ranked on Google with a niche website since there is less competition and you will get good targeted traffic giving you a much better conversion rate.
  • You have a better chance of generating sales from customers because you are targeting the exact customer that you want. If you have the products that those people want, the sales will be easy.

Live Case Study – Watch Me Build a Niche in Real Time

I hope this helps to explain the advantages of niche marketing for you. Feel free to ask questions below.

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    It took me years to see the advantage of digging deep within a niche. I made the typical newbie mistake of targeting broad niches and going after the “big” keyword phrases.
    Focusing on a specific segment of a market and going after the “low hanging fruit” keyword phrases is much easier and produces much better results.

    1. // Reply

      You are so right. Even if the traffic is less, it is very targeted traffic which will give you a better chance of getting sales.

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