What your Website Comments Say About you?

Have you ever thought about what your website comments say about you? When it comes to creating and managing a website often the last thing people think about is the website comments. But website comments are actually one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing.

We know that website comments help to build SEO and they also add extra content to your site. But did you know that comments can attract or scare away readers?

You see people judge. And I know this because I do it myself. I don’t mean to be a judgemental person, but when I’m looking for information on a topic, I want a quick answer, but I want the right answer! I also like to see different takes on a topic. So when I read a post, I always read the comments that are left by visitors. By reading the comments I get a good idea of what other people think about the topic. If it is a hot topic I get to see both sides. But more importantly, I get to see if this author is an authority and is authentic.

Here are some things that the comment sections of your site may be saying about you:

No Comments or Low amount of comments

When I go to a site that has zero comments on most of its posts, this tells me that it is probably a new site which is fine, but it also tells me that the author may not be an authority on the topic. So I may leave and find a site where there are more site comments. This just makes me feel safer that I can trust the site more. Again, I don’t mean to judge, it is just sort of an intuition thing. I want to see lots of activity.

If your site is new, it is very normal to not have many comments but you want to start getting comments as soon as possible as they add value to your site. Quality comments ad value and helps your site to rank as well. As you add more content, you will find that over time your site will begin to generate comments naturally.

But you can help the process by utilizing the site comment section of the Wealthy Affiliate Website. This is where you can request comments as well as offer comments of your own.

No responses or Interaction to Comments Given

When I go to a site and I see that there are no interactions to comments, this tells me that the blog owner doesn’t care. They are probably just posting articles with no care or concern for the readers. I’ve even seen sites that have hundreds of posts where someone writes a comment and they ask a question that goes unanswered. I don’t care how busy someone is. If you don’t respond to comments, I feel like that means you simply don’t care even if you do. It is a perception you give out. So please respond to comments once you start getting them. Let folks know you care!

High Amount of Comments:

When a site has a high amount of quality comments it sends a message that there is lots of activity going on and that you may very well be an authority on the topic. But the thing that is better than a high amount of comments is the interaction between you and the reader. So be sure to respond to your comments right away. This shows your readers that you care and your site is active.



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    This is a very informative blog post on website comments. You made some valid points here, you stated that when you go to a blog that has no comments on most of its posts that it tells you that the author may not be an authority on that topic. I never thought about it like that I would always think that the website is new and it probably doesn’t get very much traffic.

    This is a double-edged sword because some people say that comments are good while other people disagree. I watched a few videos on youtube with some affiliate marketing gurus who say that they do not allow blog comments on some of their blogs because those blogs are passive blogs that generate income on a daily basis and they would prefer not to deal with any comments. What are your thoughts on this?

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      It is important to me to build trust with my readers. I allow comments so it gives me an opportunity to answer any questions and to connect with my readers. When people see that you are a real person and your respond back to readers, it lets them know that you are legit and have integrity. At least that is how I feel about it. When I see a site with no comment or worse yet comments with no responses, I feel a little let down. Sometimes the comments are where you learn the most. I think comments say a lost about the author.

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    Points well taken.

    I myself am very interested on what visitors think about certain post. When I read comments that are sincerely asking questions and the author does not respond, I can’t help but think that maybe he does not really care about what the audience needs.

    I have also read articles that I find very helpful but when I scroll down to the comment section, I see one-line comments which are not even comments at all but a feedback.

    I own and manage a website that has some rather controversial articles and I have received comments that are totally against my views and opinion expressed in my articles. If you were in my shoes, would you approve such comments? And how are you going to respond knowing that it will be read by many others?

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      Thanks, Alice. It sounds like you and I are on the same page when we read comments. And it sounds like website comments an responses to those comments or lack thereof, do leave an impression on readers.

      About comments that are against my views, unless it is an obvious bot or spam, I approve and respond. I feel it is important to let people share their opinions, even if it is different from mine. I do, however, politely disagree with them and explain why. And I always thank them for sharing. I think everyone has a chance to voice their feelings. Sometimes controversy is a good thing. It can get people thinking and we all get to see a different perspective.

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    Hallo there Wendy,

    This post was a real eye opener for me. I have a website that I just built and I re ally haven’t started getting comments, which has now made me see I am still a budding site.

    Which are the best ways you recommend I use to have more people comment on my website? The site is a perfumes blog.

    Waiting to hear from you.

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      Hi Dave, Something you can do, is visit similar blogs and comment on the posts their. Often when you do this people will return the favor. Also if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can Visit site comments or one of the comment sharing pages like the Give and Take page. It is a sort of co-op. The way it works is you leave comments on peoples sites and they will return the favor to you. 

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    I never really thought about how important comments were to my site. I have heard some people say they are good to keep going while others say it is better to serve your time elsewhere.

    I was always on your line of thinking that it is good to stay engaged with your audience. The response from you to their questions will make you sound more genuine.

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      I agree with you Jason that responding to questions make your more genuine.

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    nice information about affiliate marketing.

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    I think having comments on blog is definitely important. If it’s a pure niche site and not an actual blog that is being constantly updated, then it maybe a different game. It’s my understanding however that new sites benefit greatly from comments as the search engine algorithms look for thing like interaction and social media visibility. It would be stupid to leave anything on the table that could lead to better search engine rankings.

    I also think comments offer you great feedback on the quality of your content. If there are a lot of questions it might indicate that your topic is interesting but lacks detail etc.

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      I agree with you, Jukka that comments are the best way to get feedback on the quality of your content.

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