Why SiteRubix Is The BEST Free Website Builder Ever!

Earlier this year, Carson from Wealthy Affiliate announced some exciting additions to the SiteRubix website builders. And I’m so excited, I just had to come here an share the information with you.

Basically what Carson and Kyle did was take an amazing WordPress Free Website builder and make it better. I thought it was great to begin with.  But I’m not complaining. I’m thrilled that I can take my business to the next level by utilizing some of the amazing tools that SiteRubix now offers.




SiteRubix isn’t just any other website builder and hosting site. It is freaking amazing!

Read along as I cover all the amazing things the New SiteRubix has to offer you.

site manager



Over the years I have tried many different systems and let me assure you that SiteRubix is by far the easiest when it comes to website creation. You can create a new website within just a few minutes. Wealthy Affiliate offers step by step training that even the biggest dummy can follow. (I know because I was able to learn).

So if you have been putting off setting up a website, now is the time to take action. As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can set up two free siterubix.com websites.

Not a member of Wealthy Affiliate yet? Join now for free and get your free websites. Simply Type in the name of your domain below and click 

build it now“.

As a Premium member you can create 25 free websites and if you want you can create up to 25 websites on your own domain!

site builder



I love the new SiteManager that SiteRubix has. The sitemanager makes it real easy for you to look at all of your websites at once. This makes it easy to manage, especially if you have a lot of sites.

site feedback



We all need honest feedback from time to time. So this new feature is really awesome. One of the greatest parts of Wealthy Affiliate is the support and help you can get 24/7. Well now that support expands to your website. You can request feedback on your site and can also help others by giving them feedback on their sites. It is a sort of give an take.

If you are new to the Wealthy Affiliate community, let me assure you that the people there really care. They will give you their honest opinion so you can make your site better.

And you can also give back to others by giving them feed back on their site. It is a give and take.

site support

And of course SiteRubix has the best technical support for your site, should you ever need it. I’ve had to contact site support for a few issues and someone always got back to me really fast. I am confident that my sites are in good hands with siterubix.

sitehealthI think the feature that I’m most excited about is the site health feature. I like to look at it as a sort of report card. You can quickly see how healthy your site is, how many posts you have created, is it indexed with Google and so much more.


Premium Members Get Lots of extra goodies! Check out what you get…

for premium members

So why not create a WordPress site now? Try it out and decide for yourself. Simply type in a domain name below and click build it now.


Wendy Krick

PS…You can read Carsons Blog post here if you would like. SiteRubix, The Reintroduction!

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