Why You Can’t Make Money Online Quickly

One of the biggest lies that Guru’s tell newbies is that they can make money quickly online. And yes, there are some lucky people who may happen to make a few bucks here and there in the beginning. But, bringing in a consistent income that can support your family, takes time and real effort.

Affiliate marketing isn’t “get rich quick”. Making money online takes time. You need to be very clear on this from the beginning. If you are working a full-time job, don’t quit it. It may take you six months to make your first penny.

That sounds harsh doesn’t it? But it is the reality of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online. But it takes knowledge and patience in order to be successful.

Success in affiliate marketing means learning:

  • What a niche market is and how to choose the right one for you.
  • How to Build a Website.
  • How to do SEO.
  • How to do keyword research.
  • How to write effectively.
  • How to find an affiliate program.
  • How to manage your time.
  • How to market.
  • and much, much, more.

These things all take time to learn and then you need to be patient as you are waiting for traffic to start rolling in.

What I really love about affiliate marketing though, is that the skills you need can be learned while you are still working your day job. That is the great thing about doing online internet training. You can work at your own pace and make your own hours.

I got free expert training from Wealthy Affiliate. This is the place where I gained all the tools and knowledge to make money online with affiliate marketing. The best thing with Wealthy Affiliate is that support is 24/7. And the training is always available. It is step by step system so people can easily follow along.

If you work your business around your job and have a clear goal on what you want to accomplish, you can quit that job in a very short time. And that is a promise!

But the problem is, many people quit on affiliate marketing way too fast. This is why you need to really be clear with yourself and give your business the time it needs to develop. You need to keep pushing.

Many people don’t make money online because they set a goal, and work on a business for 3 months or less and because they don’t see quick results, they quit. This is a huge mistake because they may have just been a few short weeks from starting to generate income.

If you want success in affiliate marketing, and you want to make money online as quickly as possible, then I suggest joining Wealthy Affiliate (it is free to join) and start going through the getting started training.

Write out your goals and commit to at least six months. Learn as much as you can and then take action every day!

Success is just around the corner!


Wendy Krick

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    Those who earn money from overnight are the exception, not the rule. Gurus love to omit that so they can lure them into buying their products, making them richer and effectively knocking out the competition.

    What the newcomer needs is a stable source of information and training. Someone who is willing to teach them at their learning pace but such platforms are seldom available.

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    You have provided some much needed information, sticking to a plan and implementing your plan is most important. Affiliate marketing is a great place to start online, and there is definitely plenty of help available, especially at the Wealthy Affiliate. I really liked your article.

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      Thank you Craig. I appreciate it.

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    Hi Wendy,

    I firmly believe in those people who live by what they preach. And in your case its a true testimony of being in this business having the patience, commitment and hardwork approach. I agree that there is no quick way in getting big bucks. You have to sweat it out!

    Thank you for this educational experience and will surely be following you.

    A blessed day to you!

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    I think there’s a huge misconception about making money online. Everyone considers the speed of internet as their rate of conversion which is very wrong. No first year college student would ask “Will I make money next year?” because they know they need to finish their education first, get a career before they receive their first pay check.

    The same applies with online careers. If you want to pursue legitimately, training comes first before you can see the money. Rushing through your foundation is like skipping all your college classes and still expect to graduate with first class honors. Slim chance for that one.

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      I love that you compare it to a college student. It really helps to clarify. Thanks so much Cathy!

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